They'll never keep us down : women's coal mining songs

Various artists

Label:Rounder 4012
Release Date:1984
Country:United States ID: 7180881

Song Information:

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A-1. Coal mining womanHazel Dickens 3:56
A-2. DraglinesReel World String Band 2:49
A-3. Blue diamond minesPhyllis Boyens 3:57
A-4. Coal miner's graveHazel Dickens 5:25
A-5. Hello coal minerSarah Gunning 4:45
A-6. Dream of a miner's childPhyllis Boyens 2:22
B-1. Coal tattooHazel Dickens 2:57
B-2. The Battle of JericolReel World String Band 2:27
B-3. Lawrence JonesPhyllis Boyens 2:59
B-4. What she aims to beReel World String Band 2:25
B-5. Which side are you on?Florence Reece 1:43
B-6. They'll never keep us downHazel Dickens 2:40