Fresh cuts & key tracks. No. 2, 2016

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm no. 2 - 2016
Release Date:2016-06
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Up on ClayBankClayBank 2:53
Composer:Zack Arnold-Jacob Greer; Just Dan's Music, BMI
Instruments:Jacob Greer-g; Tyler Thompson-bj; Zack Arnold-m; Gary Trivette-bs
Vocals:Zack Arnold-L; Jacob Greer-H; Gary Trivette-H
2. Columbus Stockade bluesBilly Droze 2:50
Instruments:Billy Droze-g; Jason Roller-g; Gary Waldrep-bj; David Freeman-m; Andy Leftwich-f; Rob Ickes-db; Kevin Grant-bs
Vocals:Billy Droze-L; Ronnie Bowman-H
3. NailsLocust Ridge 3:34
Composer:Russell Allen; EmmaRidge Music
Instruments:Russell Allen-g; Andy Blalock-rg; Josh Allen-m; Larry Allen-bs; [Justin Moses-f]
Vocals:Archie Watkins-L; Russell Allen-H; Larry Allen-H; Josh Allen-H
4. Little John HenryHylo Brown 2:54
Instruments:Hylo Brown-g; Ross Branham-bj; John Maultteay-f; Jack Casey-lg; Dan Milhon-db; Dick Brickles-sb
Vocals:Hylo Brown-V
5. Short life of troubleRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups 2:26
Instruments:Red Smiley-g; Billy Edwards-bj; Herschel Sizemore-m; Clarence "Tater" Tate-f; John Palmer-sb
Vocals:Red Smiley-V