Ken Clark & the Merry Mountain Boys, featuring Fiddling Don "Chubby" Anthony

Ken Clark & his Merry Mountain Boys

Label:B.A.C.M. BACM 523
Release Date:2016
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#342
   Amazon ASIN: B01F3TMZTQ

Song Information:

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1. A thousand miles of ocean
2. Big man
3. Lee Highway swing
4. Buckskin coat
5. Candy man
6. Chubby's run
7. Dobro Dolly
8. Rambler's ride
9. Pretty love
10. Southern Pacific shore
11. Southern moon
12. Truck drivin' Joe
13. We're too far apart
14. Standing on the outside
15. Till summer comes again
16. I couldn't stand to give you up again
17. Country jumpin'
18. Open the door and come on in
19. Stacking up those memories
20. This maple tree
21. Tiny doll
22. Three silver dollars
23. You're nobody unless somebody cares
24. Turn back the world
25. I love Nellie Brown
26. Simple things in life
27. Gold watch chain
28. Cross over the mountain
29. Merry mountain hoedown