Honky tonk sweetheart

Lonzo & Oscar

Label:Cow Boy Girl LP 5041

Song Information:

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A-1. Who pulled the plug from the jug2:50
A-2. I wonder why she almost drives me wild2:40
Composer:Lloyd "Lonzo" George-Rollin "Oscar" Sullivan
A-3. Pretty little Indian maid2:16
Composer:Lloyd "Lonzo" George-Rollin "Oscar" Sullivan
A-4. Tickle the tom cat's tail2:28
A-5. My dreams turned into a nightmare2:43
Composer:Louie Innis
A-6. I'll go chasin' women2:19
Composer:Stuart Hamblen
A-7. High heels2:19
Composer:Lee Adams-Charles Strouse
A-8. Metro polka2:17
Composer:George Vaughn
B-1. Honky tonk sweetheart2:20
Composer:Carmen Lombardo-Sunny Clapp
Instruments:Lloyd "Lonzo" George-Rollin "Oscar" Sullivan
B-2. Extravagant baby2:18
Composer:Tommy Warren-Johnny Sullivan
B-3. Poppin' bubble gum2:41
Composer:Zeb Turner
B-4. Ole mother nature2:38
Composer:Lon Deacon Freeman-Luther Heatwole
B-5. When you were sweet sixteen2:31
Composer:James Thornton
B-6. She's the best I ever saw2:29
B-7. Last ole dollar2:59
Composer:Lloyd Sullivan-Rollin Sullivan
B-8. Ole buttermilk sky2:32
Composer:Hoagy Carmichael-Jack Brooks