Early country yodel songs

Kenny Roberts

Label:Cow Boy Girl LP 5065

Song Information:

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A-1. I believe I'm entitled to you2:24
A-2. One way ticket2:25
Composer:Chester Rice-Mel Foree-Cliff Carlisle
A-3. Ding dong bells (are ringing again)2:21
Composer:Ben Marks
A-4. She said2:33
Composer:Denver Darling-Louis Shelly-Rosalie Allen-Stone
A-5. The sissy song2:30
Composer:Joe Larkin-Ted Johnson
A-6. Beautiful Ohio2:53
Composer:Billy Briggs
A-7. Goodbye for him (hello for me)2:23
Composer:Mary Earl-Ballard McDonald
A-8. Two steps forward (three steps back)2:24
Composer:S. Long-J. Speca
B-1. Arizona yodeler2:35
Composer:Murray Orser
B-2. F. O. B. Tennessee2:32
Composer:Vic Mizzy-Irving Taylor-Mann Curtis
B-3. Grandfather Kringle2:44
Composer:Leo Paris-Stephen Gale
B-4. He'll be coming down the chimney (like he always d2:28
Composer:Al. J. Neiburg-J. Fred Coats
B-5. Casper the candy cowboy2:24
Composer:Kenny Roberts
B-6. Mickey the chickey2:25
B-7. Mairzy doats2:16
Composer:Drake Hoffmann-Livingston
B-8. Echo in the valley2:43