Windy city

Alison Krauss

Label:Capitol B 002539202
Release Date:2017-02-17
Country:United States
Barcode:602557037531 ID: 9837004
   Amazon ASIN: B01NH3ABQH
   Google Play: Bojzjjhlb3jytfn7kriaxzu4jnu

Song Information:

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1. Losing you2:52
2. It's goodbye and so long to you3:11
3. Windy city3:15
4. I never cared for you2:45
5. River in the rain3:52
6. Dream of me4:03
7. Gentle on my mind3:34
8. All alone am I3:26
9. Poison love2:55
10. You don't know me4:19