A tribute to Don Stover

Various artists

Label:Homespun Video ?
Release Date:1995
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B00005YEFY

Song Information:

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1. One morning in MayBill Keith & Jim Rooney
2. Reuben's trainChesapeake
3. Black Jack DaveyChesapeake
4. Always on a mountainChesapeake
5. House of the Rising SunChesapeake
6. Swept awayLaurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
7. Waiting for a trainLaurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
8. Going to the westLaurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
9. Things in lifeLaurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
10. Three minutes agoB?la Fleck & Tony Trischka
11. Black diamondB?la Fleck & Tony Trischka
12. Tragic romanceDon Stover & Friends
13. What a friend we have in JesusDon Stover & Friends
14. Hide you in the blood of JesusDon Stover & Friends