Bluegrass mountain music

Blue Sky Boys

Label:Camden ADL2 0726
Release Date:1974
Country:United States ID: 1190439

Song Information:

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A-1. Are you from Dixie?2:39
A-2. Down on the banks of the Ohio3:15
A-3. Katie dear2:58
A-4. Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes2:50
A-5. Short life of trouble3:04
B-1. Kentucky2:50
B-2. In the hills of Roan County3:17
B-3. Mary of the wild moor2:54
B-4. Brown eyes2:44
B-5. Paper boy2:52
C-1. Dust on the Bible2:53
C-2. Sunny side of life2:11
C-3. The last mile of the way2:34
C-4. Pictures from life's other side3:22
C-5. Whispering hope2:38
D-1. Little Bessie3:05
D-2. The butcher's boy3:10
D-3. Story of the Knoxville girl3:38
D-4. The convict and the rose2:34
D-5. My last letter2:27