World of Bluegrass : showcase artist compilation 1999

Various artists

Label:IBMA No #
Release Date:1999
Country:United States ID: 4366565

Song Information:

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1. There'll always be a rocking chairDavid Parmley & Continental Divide
2. Carolina rainBecky Schlegel & True Blue
3. Her memories bound to rideJimmy Bowen & Santa Fe
4. I'm always coming homeThe Whites
5. The pearl of Pearl, KYJim Hurst & Missy Raines
6. You still call me babyMountain Heart
7. River of tearsGrasshoppers
8. When the blue in my grass turns greenRuss & Becky Jeffers
9. Put on your walkin' shoes babyLocal Exchange
10. Jesus satisfiesNew Tradition
11. There is a highwayThe Cockman Family
12. Dusty boxcar wallArt Stevenson & High Water
13. Hear Jerusalem callingJerry & Tammy Sullivan