World of Bluegrass : showcase artist compilation 2007

Various artists

Label:IBMA No #
Release Date:2007
Country:United States ID: 12114434

Song Information:

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1. Rita MaeDale Ann Bradley 2:51
Composer:Connie Leigh; Graham Sullivan Music, BMI
2. Dixie FlyerGrasstowne 3:11
Composer:Susan Longacre-Jim Photogio-Russell Smith; Berger Bits Music/Famous Music/Universal MCA/WB
3. The jaybird songJohn Reischman & the Jaybirds 3:12
Composer:Trisha Gagnon; SOCAN
4. His record is on highJerry Salley & Breaking New Ground 3:58
Composer:Jerry Salley-Larry Cordle; Country Gentleman Music/Grace Harbor, SESAC
5. Restless state of mindCarrie Hassler & Hard Rain 2:19
Composer:Josh Miller-Josh Swift; VanCleve Music, BMI
6. Lonesome windCircuit Riders 3:40
Composer:Greg Luck; Heart Rhythm Music, BMI
7. Press on o pilgrimLarry Stephenson 2:04
Composer:P. D.; arr. Larry Stephenson; Lee-Dawn Publishing, BMI
8. The hanging treeBlue Moon Rising 3:54
Composer:Chris West; Arigusta Music, BMI
9. Oscar's dreamThree Ring Circle
9. Thompson's CampThree Ring Circle 3:46
10. Pill or potionThe Grass Cats 3:31
Composer:Russell Johnson; Red Sock Publishing, BMI
11. Into the fireMonroe Crossing 4:09
Composer:Lisa Fuglie; Lisa Fuglie Music, BMI
12. Black Horse InnThe Faris Family 3:51
Composer:Richard L. Faris; Aurio Music, BMI
13. Get out of my wayMeantime 2:37
Composer:Daniela Hroncova-Michal Barok