Epilogue : a tribute to John Duffey

Various artists

Label:Smithsonian Folkways SFW 40228
Release Date:2018-06-22
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2018-09
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   Amazon ASIN: B07C5FVD7T
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Song Information:

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1. Sad and lonesome dayRandy Waller & Lou Reid 2:36
Composer:A. P. Carter; Peer International Corp., BMI
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Eddie Adcock-bj; Akira Otsuka-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Mark Schatz-sb
Vocals:Randy Waller-L; Lou Reid-T
2. If that's the way you feelAmanda Smith 3:20
Composer:Ralph Stanley-Peggy Stanley; Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music, BMI
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Adam Steffey-m; Nils Lofgren-db; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:Amanda Smith-L; Alan Bartram-LT; Kenny Smith-B
3. If I were a carpenterJonathan Edwards 2:45
Composer:James Timonthy Hardin; Spirit One Music, BMI
Instruments:Wyatt Rice-g; Phil Rosenthal-lg; Bill Emerson-bj; Mike Auldridge-db; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:Jonathan Edwards-L; Dede Wyland-T; M. Auldridge-B
4. Lonesome riverDudley Connell 2:57
Composer:Carter Stanley; Peer International Corp., BMI
Instruments:Wyatt Rice-g; Ron Stewart-bj; David Grisman-m; Todd Phillips-bs
Vocals:Dudley Connell-L; Don Rigsby-H
5. SunriseSam Bush & Bela Fleck 3:22
Composer:John Duffey; Fort Knox Music, Inc./BMI-Trio Music Company, BMI
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Bela Fleck-bj; Sam Bush-m; Todd Phillips-bs
6. Going to the racesJames King 2:01
Composer:Carter Stanley; Fort Knox Music, Inc./BMI-Trio Music Company, BMI
Instruments:David Grier-g; Ron Stewart-bj; Ron Inscore-m; Ronnie Simpkins-bs
Vocals:James King-L; Lou Reid-T; Eddie Adcock-B
7. Some old dayJohn Cowan 2:43
Composer:Louis Certain-Gladys Stacey; Bluewater Music Corp. o/b/o Golden West Melodies, Inc., BMI
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Ron Stewart-bj; Wayne Benson-m; Ronnie Simpkins-bs
Vocals:John Cowan-L; David Parmley-LT; Lou Reid-B; Shelton Feazell-BS
8. Girl from the north countrySteve Gulley 3:32
Composer:Bob Dylan; Special Rider Music, SESAC
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Sammy Shelor-bj; Adam Steffey-m; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:Steve Gulley-L; Don Rigsby-T; David Parmley-B
9. He was a friend of mineDudley Connell & John Cowan 3:09
Composer:Arr. John Duffey; Zap Publishing Co., BMI
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Akira Otsuka-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Ronnie Simpkins-bs
Vocals:Dudley Connell-L; John Cowan-T; David Parmley-B; Shelton Feazell-BS
10. Poor Ellen SmithTim O'Brien 2:23
Instruments:Wyatt Rice-g; Bela Fleck-bj; Wayne Benson-m; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:Tim O'Brien-V
11. Reason for beingFred Travers 3:17
Composer:John Duffey-Ann Streeter; Zap Publishing Co., BMI
Instruments:Wyatt Rice-g; Ben Eldridge-bj; Akira Otsuka-m; Fred Travers-db; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:F. Travers-LV/TC; Ronnie Bowman-LC; David Parmley-B
12. Ain't gonna work tomorrowDon Rigsby 2:42
Composer:Charlie Louvin-Ira Louvin; Beechwood Music Corp., BMI
Instruments:Wyatt Rice-g; Sammy Shelor-bj; Marc MacGlashan-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Todd Phillips-bs
Vocals:Don Rigsby-LV/TC; Steve Gulley-LC; Eddie Adcock-B
13. Chim-chim-cher-eeBruce Molsky 1:28
Composer:Richard Sherman-Robert Sherman; Wonderland Music Company, Inc., BMI
Instruments:Bruce Molsky-g; Mike Auldridge-db; Fred Travers-db; Tom Gray-bs
14. Cold wind a-blowin'Ronnie Bowman & Lou Reid 2:17
Composer:John Duffey-Ann Streeter; Zap Publishing Co., BMI
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Ron Stewart-bj; Marc MacGlashan-m; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:Ronnie Bowman-Lv1/LC; Lou Reid-Lv2/TC; Eddie Adcock-B
15. Christmas time back homeJohn Duffey Tribute All-Stars 3:14
Composer:John Duffey-Ann Streeter; Zap Publishing Co., BMI
Instruments:Kenny Smith-rg; Jack Lawrence-lg; Bill Emerson-bj; Lou Reid-m; Mike Auldridge-db; Jason Moore-bs
Vocals:Randy Waller, Jimmy Gaudreau-Lv1; John Starling,Lou Reid-Lv2; Dudley Connell, Jonathan Edwards-Lv3; Eddie Adcock, Tom Gray-HC1; Mike Auldridge, Phil Rosenthal-HC2
16. Bringing Mary homeJohn Starling 3:49
Recording Date:1998-11-14
Composer:John Duffey-Joe Kingston-Chaw Mank; Fort Knox Music, Inc., BMI/Trio Music Company, BMI
Place:Birchmere, Alexandria, VA
Instruments:John Starling-g; Ben Eldridge-lg; Eddie Adcock-bj; Fred Traver-db; Ronnie Simpkins-bs
Vocals:J. Starling-L; L. Reid-T; E. Adcock-B
17. First tearAkira Otsuka 1:22
Composer:Akira Otsuka; Patuxent Music, BMI
Instruments:Akira Otsuka-m