Moonshiner's daughter

Cindy G

Label:Blue Road CD03 070118
Release Date:2018-09-20
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2019-03
   Amazon ASIN: B07FRBQR1Q
   Google Play: Bpe4hqfti2lgu67ogk2rzl43ydm

Song Information:

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1. Moonshiner's daughter4:34
2. Truckload of troubles4:00
3. Heiress4:29
4. More good looking on you3:03
5. The drive3:32
6. Love train3:35
7. Long line of love3:48
8. The forgotten3:10
9. Pennsylvania dirt2:54
10. Wait on your love3:43
11. This old man4:28
12. Two feet on the floor2:59