Songwriters of the British Bluegrass Music Association : Keep on pickin'

Various artists

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2016
Country:United Kingdom

Song Information:

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1. Always in my heartRichard Collins
2. Remember my nameEvan Davis
3. Straight and narrow wayBrian Dowdall
4. Among the peaksDan Edwards
5. Burgundy and blueLen Harvey
6. ColumbineKeith Howard
7. Big city bluesTrevor Hyett
8. Shuffle on cowboyThe Jolenes
9. Down for deadJonas & Jane
10. Cedar chestDavid Mepsted
11. Winter roseChloe Overton
12. Get back home againGary Payne
13. Take me for a rideDavid Rozzell
14. Happy manRick Tarrant
15. Song for JamesSally Watson