Stand on my own

Ray Cardwell

Label:Bonfire BRC 5012
Release Date:2019-05-24
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2019-11
   Amazon ASIN: B07PPQ8M8F
   Google Play: B2sj33udmc3n2bahddjeeiqky6a

Song Information:

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1. Time to drive3:05
2. Hurricane rain4:05
3. Stand on my own3:23
4. Sinners & saints2:54
5. Change in my life2:45
6. Jump back Jane4:17
7. New set of problems2:44
8. Alright2:25
9. Movin' on4:34
10. Wedding bells4:27
11. Yeah love3:11
12. Love each other4:49