Millbrook Bluegrass Festival at Cobb's Ford

Various artists

Label:Dianne DRLN 1
Country:United States ID: 9625245

Song Information:

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A-1. InstrumentalBuck Creek 1:30
A-2. Lonesome riverDixie Mountain Boys 3:44
A-3. Set your fields on fireThe Southern Strangers 2:38
A-4. Foot prints in the snowKeys of Bluegrass 2:19
A-5. Train forty fiveThe Campbell Trio 1:00
A-6. Preaching, praying, singingLower Forty Grass 1:52
A-7. Sitting on top of the worldThe Campbell Trio 1:22
A-8. SweetheartDixie Mountain Boys 3:11
B-1. RubyThe Southern Strangers 2:20
B-2. last time I saw JennieLower Forty Grass 3:23
B-3. Roll on buddyNew Mountain Creek 1:53
B-4. Blue instrumentalThe Southern Strangers 1:48
B-5. Rolling in my sweet baby's armsNew Grass Review 2:18
B-6. Rocky Top & encoreThe Campbell Trio 6:30