The tale of Willie Tackett

Caney Creek

Label:9Lives No #
Release Date:2019-04-08
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2019-11
   Amazon ASIN: B07QLJY15D
   Google Play: B7vsxzoxzqfa6rfkgecufqtcufa

Song Information:

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1. Home on the highway3:05
2. Appalachian rain2:59
3. Still on the Blueridge2:27
4. From the foothills of the bluegrass to the war in 2:35
5. The tale of Willie Tackett3:02
6. Cold Branch hole2:35
7. Lead me to that city3:19
8. The other side of lonesome2:16
9. Swingin' steel2:02
10. See you in my dreams4:17
11. Spencer Mountain2:46