50 years of bluegrass hits. Volume 2

Various artists

Label:CMH CMH-C 9034
Release Date:1985
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 16108665

Song Information:

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A-1. Night train to MemphisJoe Maphis 2:53
Composer:B. Smith-M. Hughes-O. Bradley; APRS, BMI
A-2. Mother MaybelleThe Osborne Brothers 2:55
Recording Date:1979-05-08
Composer:J. Maphis-R. L. Maphis; Silverhill Music, BMI
Place:Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Sonny Osborne-lg; Bobby Osborne-m; Ray Edenton-rg; Jimmy Brock-bs; Robby Osborne-d; [Wynn Osborne-bj; Jerry Douglas-db]
Vocals:M. Wiseman-V; B. Osborne-V; S. Osborne-V
A-3. Earl's breakdownJosh Graves 2:05
Composer:E. Scruggs; Peer Int'l. Corp., BMI
A-4. Bringin' in the Georgia mailCurly Seckler 2:18
Composer:F. Rose; Milene Music, ASCAP
A-5. Devil's dreamJoe Maphis & Fiddlin' Red Herron 2:02
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI
A-6. Blue Ridge Mountain bluesPatty Stoneman 2:00
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI
A-7. Angels rock me to sleepBluegrass Cardinals 2:25
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI
A-8. Don't let your sweet love dieMac Wiseman 3:38
Composer:C. VanNess; Dixie Music Pub., BMI
A-9. Blue moon of KentuckyRose Lee Maphis 2:54
Composer:B. Monroe; Peer Int'l. Corp, BMI
A-10. Dear old DixieWynn Osborne 2:33
Composer:L. Flatt-E. Scruggs; Peer Int'l Corp., BMI
A-11. Peach pickin' time in GeorgiaMerle Travis 3:14
Composer:J. Rodgers-C. McMichen; Peer Int'l. Corp., BMI
A-12. The ballad of Jed ClampettLester Flatt 2:09
Composer:P. Henning; Carolinetone Music Co., BMI
A-13. Rank strangers to meThe Osborne Brothers 2:59
Recording Date:1978
Composer:A. E. Brumley; Affiliated Music Ent., BMI
Place:Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Ray Edenton-g; Benny Birchfield-high string g; Sonny Osborne-bj; Bobby Osborne-m; Kenny Baker-f; Blaine Sprouse-f; Bob Moore-sb; Robby Osborne-d
B-1. Johnny B. GoodeJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 2:47
Composer:C. Berry; Arc Music Corp., BMI
B-2. The banks of the OhioGrandpa Jones 2:58
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI
B-3. Dim lights, thick smoke (and loud, loud music)2:02
Composer:J. Maphis-R. Lee-M. Fidler; Comet Music, BMI
B-4. Remington rideDon Reno & Arthur Smith 2:26
Recording Date:1976
Composer:H. Penny-Herb Remington; Lois, BMI
Place:Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte, NC
Instruments:Bill Harrell-g; Don Reno-bj; Dale Reno-m; Buck Ryan-f; Clay Smith-g; Arthur Smith-g/db; Ed Ferris-sb
B-5. Bringing Mary homeMac Wiseman 3:33
Recording Date:1976
Composer:J. Duffy-C. Mank-J. Kingston; Fort Knox Music, BMI
Place:Arthur Smith Studio, Charlotte, NC
Instruments:Mac Wiseman-g; Clay Smith-rg; Billy Edwards-bj; Arthur Smith-f/m/db/g; Clarence "Tater" Tate-f; John Palmer-sb; David Brakefield-d
Vocals:M. Wiseman-L
B-6. Shout and shineCarl Story & His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet 1:54
Recording Date:1976
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI
Place:Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte, N.C.
Instruments:Carl Story-g; Mike McKellar-g; Mitchell Moser-bs; Larry Beasley-bj; Jeff Dalton-m; Clay Smith-bs; Arthur Smith-f; Red Rector-m; Ray Adkins-bs
B-7. Wabash CannonballBenny Martin 2:48
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI
B-8. Me and ol' MerleJoe Maphis 3:27
Composer:J. Maphis; Silverhill Music, BMI
B-9. Gosh, I miss you all the timeJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 2:14
Composer:J. Long; Duchess Music Corp., BMI
B-10. CheyenneThe Pinnacle Boys 3:02
Composer:B. Monroe; Belinda Music, BMI
B-11. Little old log cabin in the laneThe Stonemans 2:41
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI
B-12. Unclouded dayBetty J. Robinson & the Nashville Grass 2:52
Composer:M. Christian; Silverhill Music, BMI