Sings blue grass style from the heart

J. D. Jarvis

Label:Artist's Records 500547
Release Date:197-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Wings of an angel
A-2. Take me home
A-3. Green pastures
A-4. I got up with Heaven on my mind
A-5. I'm looking beyond
A-6. I'll answer just for me
A-7. It won't be long
A-8. In Heaven we'll never grow old
A-9. You can't see electricity
B-1. Keep on the sunny side
B-2. I shall be at home with Jesus
B-3. Jesus is His name
B-4. Over the sunset hills
B-5. A lonely night in old Gethsemene
B-6. What a wonderful Saviour is He
B-7. I saw the light
B-8. I feel like traveling on
B-9. Just over in the Gloryland