While they last!

The Last Mile Ramblers

Label:Blue Canyon BCS 406
Release Date:1974
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1975-04

Song Information:

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A-1. Ghost riders in the sky4:25
Composer:S. Jones
A-2. Phantom 3095:15
Composer:Tommy Faile
A-3. Out of control3:05
Composer:G. Jones, D. Edwards, Treece
A-4. Nine-pound hammer2:50
Composer:Merle Travis
A-5. Come a little closer3:25
Composer:J. B. Brown
A-6. Fresh fish1:38
Composer:Steve Keith-Mason Williams
A-7. Tennessee2:22
Composer:Jimmy Martin-Doyle Neikirk-Paul Williams
B-1. Roly poly2:35
Composer:Fred Rose
B-2. Cotton-eyed Joe2:23
B-3. Future on ice3:12
Composer:Jerry Crutchfield-Edria Humphrey
B-4. The Golden Inn song3:30
Composer:Nathaniel James
B-5. Diesel smoke2:05
Composer:Cal Martin
B-6. Good-hearted woman3:22
Composer:Waylon Jennings-Willie Nelson
B-7. The Hurrier I go (the behinder I get)3:00
Composer:Jim Mares