Glen Campbell presents

Larry McNeely

Label:Capitol ST 674
Release Date:1971
Country:United States ID: 4191576

Song Information:

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A-1. Mac Arthur Park4:00
Composer:Jimmy Webb; Canopy Music, Inc., ASCAP
A-2. If you got to go-go now2:30
Composer:Bob Dylan; Warner Bros. Music, ASCAP
A-3. Banjo raga-number two2:50
Composer:Larry McNeely; Kayteekay Music, Inc., ASCAP
A-4. Stick with me baby2:27
Composer:E. Drake-I. Graham-J. Shirl; Jericho Music Corp., ASCAP
A-5. Bethe2:04
Composer:Larry McNeely; Glen Campbell Music, BMI
B-1. Alexander freedom3:40
Composer:Larry McNeely; The Great Stoned Hiway Music Co., ASCAP
B-2. Shuckin' the corn1:27
Composer:Graves-Scruggs-Stacey, adpt. McNeely; Golden West Melodies, Inc., BMI
B-3. Payday3:10
Composer:Jesse Winchester; Fourth Floor Music, Inc., ASCAP
B-4. Haley's Comet's comin'0:14
Composer:Larry McNeely; Kayteekay Music, Inc., ASCAP
B-5. Get together
Composer:Chet Powers; Irving Music, Inc, BMI
B-5. Refractions
Composer:Dennis McCarthy; Kayteekay Music, Inc., ASCAP
B-5. Save the country
Composer:Laura Nyro; Celestial Music Corp., BMI
B-5. Who am I
Composer:Patrick Sky; Villon Music, Inc., BMI
B-5. Who am I medley:4:28