Music from Rancho DeVille

Charles Sawtelle

Label:Acoustic Disc ACD 44
Release Date:2000
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-06
County Sales:#243 ID: 5819452
   Amazon ASIN: B0000584VH
   Google Play: Bdlqn7b6pa6ul4mcjbpw35nibhq

Song Information:

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1. The butcher's dog3:11
2. The ranger's command4:02
3. The newz reel2:34
4. The storms are on the ocean4:08
5. My life is in your hands5:06
6. Gonna paint the town2:12
7. Chez Seychelles3:30
8. Amber tresses3:18
9. Mom and dad's waltz4:34
10. Aragon Mill4:09
11. Jolie Faye3:16
12. Forsaken love3:53
13. I will always love you4:19
14. Grand Texas1:34
15. Let's go home3:32
16. Angel band5:54