I saw the light (with some help from my friends)

Earl Scruggs

Label:Columbia KC 31354
Release Date:1972
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 8328081
   Google Play: Ba3y6mevz3vono25c4swobegxxa

Song Information:

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A-1. Lonesome and a long way from home2:33
Composer:B. Bramlett-L. Russell
A-2. Silver wings3:25
Composer:M. Haggard
A-3. It's a picture from life's other side3:36
Composer:A. Cole
A-4. Motherless child blues4:29
Composer:S. Belson
A-5. Some of Shelley's blues2:44
Composer:M. Nesmith
B-1. Never ending song of love2:44
Composer:D. Bramlett
B-2. Rock salt and nails3:20
Composer:B. Phillips
B-3. The banks of the Ohio3:25
Composer:M. Carter
B-4. Ring of fire2:11
Composer:J. Carter
B-5. Propinquity (I've just begun to care)2:17
Composer:M. Nesmith
B-6. I saw the light3:43
Composer:H. Williams