The great Stonemans

The Stonemans

Label:MGM SE 4578
Release Date:1968
Country:United States ID: 4661972

Song Information:

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A-1. Christopher Robin2:21
Composer:Vincent Matthews
A-2. You're gonna be sorry2:18
Composer:Dolly Parton
A-3. Rolling in my sweet baby's arms2:14
Composer:Jack Clement
A-4. Don't think twice3:01
Composer:Bob Dylan
A-5. The love I left behind2:47
Composer:Jan Stoneman
A-6. Hello, Dolly2:27
Composer:Jerry Herman
B-1. Wrinkled, crinkle, wadded dollar bill2:32
Composer:Vincent Matthews
B-2. The baby-o1:45
Composer:Ernest Stoneman
B-3. Nine pound hammer2:11
Composer:Merle Travis
B-4. Bluegrass ramble2:43
Composer:Donna Stoneman
B-5. Baby is gone2:09
Composer:Jack Clement