Forty eighth Union Grove Fiddlers Convention

Various artists

Label:Union Grove SS 6
Release Date:1973
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1973-05 ID: 11486698

Song Information:

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A-1. Soldier's joyPine Ridge Boys
A-2. Old Joe ClarkSally Davis
A-3. Long road to travelRed Haymore
A-4. Peacock ragJohnny Ham
A-5. Lady of the lakeClyde Williams
A-6. Free little birdDr. Mongle
A-7. Get up JohnBluegrass Drifters
A-8. Cannonball bluesWayne Henderson
A-9. Nine pound hammerThe Country Playboys
A-10. Down yonderThe Dixie Gentlemen
B-1. Love come homeBluegrass Experience
B-2. Pete Couture's reelTruman Smythe
B-3. Morpeth rantJack Perron
B-4. Cacklin' henBob Flesher
B-5. John Brown's dreamTommy Jarrell
B-6. Black Mt. bluesJimmy Edmonds
B-7. Walking in my sleepJimmy Edmonds
B-8. Dixie breakdownAppalachian Music Makers
B-9. Florida bluesThe Dixie Gentlemen