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Various artists

Label:Cattle LP 42
Release Date:1983
BG Unlimited:1984-07 ID: 7334905

Song Information:

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A-1. Keep on the sunny sideLarry Smith 2:43
A-2. Old HawaiiJack & His Drifters 2:37
A-3. Sweet talk and liesJack & His Drifters 3:04
A-4. Walkin' the lonesome streetsBuddy Jack 2:24
A-5. Railroad manBuddy Jack 2:22
A-6. Sunshine in the rainSmiley Maxedon 2:26
B-1. Oklahoma bluesZeke Clements & His Western Swing Gang 2:35
B-2. I'll face the world with a smileZeke Clements & His Western Swing Gang 2:51
B-3. The last letterChief Wah-Nee-Ota 3:05
B-4. Old AlabamChief Wah-Nee-Ota 3:06
B-5. Counting my tear drops over youRusty Ramey 2:09
B-6. You've placed these bitter tears upon my heartRusty Ramey 2:25