Wonderful world of bluegrass

Various artists

Label:All Sounds 5501-2
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Bringing Mary homeThe Country Gentlemen
A-2. Ramshackle shackHylo Brown
A-3. Pretty PollyThe Stanley Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Boys
A-4. Spanish grassMike Auldridge
A-5. Atlanta is burningBoys from Indiana
A-6. Rebel soldierThe Country Gentlemen
A-7. Lonesome road bluesLarry Richardson
A-8. Letter edged in blackJimmie Skinner
B-1. Tater Tate & Alan MundeJohn Hartford
B-2. Wheel hossKenny Baker
B-3. Doin' my timeTony Rice
B-4. Fly around my pretty little missCharlie Moore
B-5. Man of constant sorrowRalph Stanley
B-6. This heart of mineNew Grass Revival
B-7. Rovin' gamblerLarry Sparks
B-8. Katy HillKenny Baker
C-1. Blue Ridge Mountain bluesBill Clifton
C-2. RiderThe Seldom Scene
C-3. Black JackJ. D. Crowe
C-4. If I had my life to live overLester Flatt
C-5. Katy DaleyRalph Stanley
C-6. ReubenJosh Graves
C-7. Sunny side of the mountainCountry Gazette
D-1. Smoky Mountain memoriesLarry Sparks
D-2. When the roses bloom againMac Wiseman
Vocals:M. Wiseman-L
D-3. McKinley's bluesNorman Blake
D-4. Long journey homeThe Stanley Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Boys
D-5. Train 45J. D. Crowe
D-6. I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyesEarl Taylor & the Stoney Mountain Boys
Recording Date:1969-02-27
Place:Lange's Recording Studio, Azusa, CA
Instruments:Earl Taylor-m; Charlie Hoskins-g; Sandy Rothman-bj; Jack Carter-f; Vernon "Boatwhistle" McIntyre-sb
Vocals:E. Taylor-V
D-7. Pictures from life's other sideCountry Gazette