Banjo songs of the Southern mountains

Various artists

Label:Riverside (New York) RLP 12-610
Release Date:1956-08
Country:United States ID: 4280246

Song Information:

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A-1. Little MaggieObray Ramsey & Henry Gentry
A-2. Cripple CreekGeorge Pegram & Walter Parham
A-3. Keep my skillet good and greasyHarry & Jeanie West
A-4. Old ReubenGeorge Pegram & Walter Parham
A-5. Careless loveHarry & Jeanie West
A-6. John HenryGeorge Pegram & Walter Parham
A-7. Way down on the islandHarry & Jeanie West
A-8. Awake, awake you drowsy sleepersHarry & Jeanie West
B-1. Poor little EllenObray Ramsey & Henry Gentry
B-2. Arkansas travelerGeorge Pegram
B-3. The Boston burglarHarry & Jeanie West
B-4. Good old mountain dewGeorge Pegram & Walter Parham
B-5. Lost JohnHarry & Jeanie West
B-6. Pretty PollyObray Ramsey & Henry Gentry
B-7. Finger ringHarry & Jeanie West
B-8. Cumberland GapGeorge Pegram & Walter Parham
B-9. Fly around, my pretty little missSamantha Bumgarner