Stained glass hour : bluegrass & old-timey gospel

Various artists

Label:Rounder CD 11563
Release Date:1991
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1991-08 ID: 6102961
   Amazon ASIN: B0000003NG

Song Information:

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1. Crying holyJ. D. Crowe & the New South 2:17
Instruments:J.D. Crowe-bj; Tony Rice-g; Ricky Skaggs-m/f; Bobby Slone-sb; Jerry Douglas-db
Vocals:Tony Rice-L; J.D. Crowe-B; Ricky Skaggs-T; Emmylou Harris-HB
2. Shouting in the airThe Johnson Mountain Boys 2:20
Composer:J.V. Riddle-B.L. Shock; James Vaughn Music
Place:Bias Recording Co., Springfield, VA
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; David McLaughlin-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Richard Underwood-bj; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:D. Connell-V; D. McLaughlin-V; E. Stubbs-V; R. Underwood-V
3. Won't you come and sing for meDelia Bell & Bill Grant 3:00
Composer:Hazel Dickens; Happy Valley Music, BMI
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; David McLaughlin-m
Vocals:Bill Grant-L; Delia Bell-H
4. Journey to my Savior's sideBluegrass Cardinals 2:37
Composer:Tom Lee-R. Graham
Instruments:Don Parmley-bj; David Parmley-g; Randy Graham-m; John Davis-bs; Warren Blair-f
Vocals:Randy Graham-LV/TC; David Parmley-L; Don Parmley-B
5. I hear a sweet voiceJoe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys 2:50
Composer:Bill Monroe
Instruments:Joe Val-m; Dave Dillon-g; Paul Silvius-bj; Eric Levenson-sb
Vocals:Joe Val-V; Dave Dillon-V; Paul Silvius-V
6. Talk it all over with HimBluegrass Album Band 3:05
Composer:T. C. Neal
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Doyle Lawson-m; J. D. Crowe-bj; Jerry Douglas-db; Bobby Hicks-f; Todd Phillips-sb
Vocals:T. Rice-L; D. Lawson-T; J. D. Crowe-B; J. Douglas-B
7. Drifting too far from the shoreBoone Creek 3:20
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m/high strung g; Jerry Douglas-db; Wes Golding-g; Fred Wooten-g; Earl Grigsby-sb; Karl Himmel-d/perc; Joel DeGregorio-p
Vocals:Ricky Skaggs-L/B; Cheryl White-T
8. Here today, gone tomorrowHazel Dickens 2:47
Composer:Johnny Kitchen; Music Group, BMI
Instruments:Pat Enright-g; Jim Buchanan-f; Mike Compton-m; Roy Huskey-sb; Allen Shelton-bj
Vocals:Hazel Dickens-L; Pat Enright-H; Cheryl White Warren-H
9. Sinner you'd better get readyThe Louvin Brothers 1:21
Instruments:Ira Louvin-m; Charles Louvin-g
Vocals:Ira Louvin-V; Charles Louvin-V
10. HeavenThe Bailey Brothers & the Happy Valley Boys 2:49
Composer:Grady Cole
Instruments:Danny Bailey-g; Charlie Bailey-m; Larry Mathis-bj; Clarence "Tater" Tate-f; Jake Tullock, Jr.-sb
Vocals:Danny Bailey-V; Charlie Bailey-V
11. Gospel plowThe Nashville Bluegrass Band 3:33
Instruments:Alan O'Bryant-bj; Mike Compton-m; Pat Enright-g; Mark Hembree-sb; Stuart Duncan-f
Vocals:Alan O'Bryant-L/B; Mike Compton-B/L; Pat Enright-T; Mark Hembree-BS
12. Springtime in GloryThe Johnson Mountain Boys 1:48
Recording Date:1985-01-30
Composer:Presley; Stamps Baxter, SESAC
Place:Bias Recording Co., Springfield, Va.
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Richard Underwood-bj; David McLaughlin-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Larry Robbins-sb
Vocals:D. Connell-V; D. McLaughlin-V; E. Stubbs-V; R. Underwood-V
13. Tramp on the streetBlue Sky Boys 4:23
Composer:Grady Cole
Instruments:Bill Bolick-m; Earl Bolick-g
Vocals:Bill Bolick-V; Earl Bolick-V
14. Every humble knee must bowThe Nashville Bluegrass Band 2:29
Instruments:Pat Enright-g; Alan O'Bryant-bj; Mike Compton-m; Mark Hembree-sb; Stuart Duncan-f
Vocals:Pat Enright-L; Alan O'Bryant-T; Mike Compton-B; Mark Hembree-BS
15. And am I born to dieThe Doc Watson Family 3:30
Instruments:Gaither Carlton-f
Vocals:Arthel "Doc" Watson-V
16. Beautiful hills of GalileeHazel Dickens 4:53
Composer:Trad., arr. Hazel Dickens; Happy Valley Music, BMI
Vocals:Hazel Dickens-V
17. River of JordanRicky Skaggs 2:30
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-g; Buck White-m
Vocals:Ricky Skaggs-L; Buck White-H; Cheryl White-H; Sharon White-H
18. Mount Zion's lofty heightsDry Branch Fire Squad 3:30
Composer:Hazel Dickens; Happy Valley Music, BMI
Instruments:Ron Thomason-m; John Baker-g; Dick Erwin-sb
Vocals:Ron Thomason-L; John Baker-T; Mary Jo Dickman-HB; Dick Erwin-B; John Hisey-BS
19. Things in lifeDon Stover 3:07
Composer:Don Stover; Bathurst Music, BMI
Instruments:Don Stover-bj; David Grisman-m; John Hall-f; Dave Dillon-g; Joe Divinney-sb
Vocals:Don Stover-V
20. Model churchBluegrass Album Band 4:15
Composer:Trad., arr. Lawson-Crowe-Rice; Happy Valley Music, BMI
Instruments:J. D. Crowe-bj; Bobby Hicks-f; Doyle Lawson-m; Todd Phillips-sb; Tony Rice-g
Vocals:T. Rice-L; J. D. Crowe-B; D. Lawson-T; B. Hicks-BS
21. Looking for the lightTony Trischka 2:35
Composer:Tony Trischka; Happy Valley Music, BMI
Instruments:Tony Trischka-bj; Del McCoury-g; Ronnie McCoury-m; Buddy Griffin-f; Jerry McCoury-sb
Vocals:Del McCoury-LV/TC; Jerry McCoury-LC
22. Hold to God's unchanging handDavid Grisman 3:35
Instruments:David Grisman-m; Tony Rice-g; Vassar Clements-f; Bill Keith-bj; Jerry Douglas-db; Todd Phillips-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-L; Ricky Skaggs-T
23. story of the PhariseesThe Dreadful Snakes 2:08
Composer:Mark Hembree; Happy Valley Music, BMI
Instruments:Bela Fleck-g
Vocals:Roland White-L; Pat Enright-T; Jerry Douglas-B; Mark Schatz-BS
24. Talk about sufferin'Ricky Skaggs 2:24
Vocals:Cheryl Warren-V; Sharon White-V; Ricky Skaggs-V