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Label:Strictly Country SCR 45
Release Date:1996-07-02
BG Unlimited:1996-10
   Discogs.com ID: 11728067
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Song Information:

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A-1. Prisoner songJoe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys
A-2. I'm gonna go to work on Monday one more timeFiction Brothers
A-3. Rose of my heartHugh Moffatt
A-4. Think about meGood Ol' Persons
A-5. Clarinet polkaCloud Valley
A-6. Reach out and touchGary Brewer & the Kentucky Ramblers
A-7. ZoltkampStroatklinkers
A-8. Bed on the floorDick Staber & Yonder City
A-9. Crowly waltzBlue Flame Stringband
A-10. Volver, volverSantiago Jimenez, Jr.
A-11. Een vrolijk lenteliedTrefoil
A-12. Somebody loves youRed Rector, Don Stover, Ag & Kate
A-13. Rockbridge CountyGrassoline
A-14. Haven of mercyLaurie Lewis & Grant Street
A-15. SouthboundThe Stockwell Brothers
B-1. Dark side of the moonChris Jones
B-2. My Clinch Mountain homeKathy Kallick
B-3. Molly in the millSi Kahn
B-4. Send me your address from HeavenHigh Country (Arkansas)
B-5. SofaCor Mutsers & Patrick van Gerven
B-6. Poor clothingDavid Olney
B-7. Teardrops falling in the snowTraver Hollow
B-8. Blues for DixieBarry & Holly Tashian
B-9. Talk about that old time religionWhetstone Run
B-10. It's just like HeavenNew Lowland
B-11. High SierrasBig Dogs
B-12. Looking through the windows of HeavenSpruce Pine
B-13. Come let us join our friends aboveAg & Kate
B-14. A good man like meDel McCoury
B-15. Wait until tomorrowSteve Huber
B-16. Said I wasn't gonna tellKate MacKenzie
C-1. Deep river bluesMike Dowling
C-2. GoneLiz Meyer
C-3. Little SadieDan Crary
C-4. Waltz of the windThe Weary Hearts
C-5. Stony man mountainJerrycan
C-6. Make him a soldierCharlie Louvin & Charles Whitstein
C-7. Won't it be wonderful thereBill Clifton & Red Rector
C-8. Stranger in my homeWhite Mountain Bluegrass
C-9. Fishers hornpipeYoshihiro Arita
C-10. Walk with meReckless Fingers
C-11. Behind these prison walls of loveBob Paisley & the Southern Grass
C-12. Tik-a-tee, tik-a-tayAlabama Country Boys
C-13. Drifting too far from the shoreJimmy Gaudreau's Bluegrass Unit
C-14. Seventeen years oldRobin & Linda Williams
C-15. Montana cowboySally Van Meter & Tammy Fassaert