The original bluegrass (& country swing) spectacular : 32 great new performances

Various artists

Label:CMH CMH-C 5902
Release Date:1980
Country:United States ID: 14287246
   Amazon ASIN: B0000010RH

Song Information:

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A-1. Don't let Smoky Mountain smoke get in your eyesThe Osborne Brothers 2:20
Recording Date:1980
Composer:C. Null; Doubletree Music, SESAC
Place:Cumberland Sound Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Bobby Osborne-m; Sonny Osborne-bj/m; Leon Rhodes-g; Ray Edenton-g; Hargus Robbins-p; Buddy Spicher-vn/vla/vc; Hal Rugg-sg; Jimmy D. Brock-bs; Bob Mater-d; Robby Osborne-d
Vocals:B. Osborne-V; S. Osborne-V; Paul Brewster-V
A-2. Cincinnati ragDon Reno & the Tennessee Cut-Ups 2:43
Recording Date:1979
Composer:M. Christian
Place:Arthur Smith Studios
Instruments:Don Reno-bj/g; Don Wayne Reno-2nd bj; Sonny Beverly-g/2nd f; Dale Reno-m; Buck Ryan-f; Arthur Smith-bs
A-3. There ain't a cow in TexasMerle Travis 2:00
A-4. Autoharp concertoGrandpa Jones 1:56
A-5. Don't come runningBluegrass Cardinals 2:15
A-6. The girl I left behind meJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 2:51
A-7. Golden slippersBenny Martin 2:06
A-8. Will the circle be unbrokenLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass 3:22
B-1. John HenryMerle Travis 3:04
B-2. Fort Worth hambone bluesJohnny Gimble & the Texas Swing Pioneers 3:13
B-3. I'll be all smiles tonightBuddy Spicher 1:55
B-4. I'm gonna wear the pantsJoe Maphis 2:45
B-5. Little home in West VirginiaJosh Graves 1:32
B-6. Love's gonna get youEddie & Martha Adcock 2:08
B-7. Pretty red wingBluegrass Cardinals 1:58
B-8. Swing low, sweet chariotJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 2:37
C-1. Great speckled birdJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 2:59
C-2. Farewell bluesWynn Osborne & his Bluegrass Playboys 2:51
C-3. Mother MaybelleThe Nashville Grass 3:02
C-4. Life in the Finland woodsBuddy Spicher & Benny Martin 1:46
C-5. I can hear Kentucky calling meFelice & Boudleaux Bryant 2:28
C-6. Bile 'em cabbage downHeights of Grass 2:29
C-7. Motel songCarl Butler 2:50
C-8. Goodbye, my bluebellMerle Travis 1:50
D-1. I wonder how the old folks are at homeMac Wiseman 2:25
D-2. WheelsThe Pinnacle Boys 2:40
D-3. I gave my love a cherryGrandpa Jones 2:06
D-4. Westphalia waltzMerle Travis 2:38
D-5. Just becauseJohnny Gimble & the Texas Swing Pioneers 3:16
D-6. Payday in the armyBenny Martin 2:08
D-7. La marcha de los MexicanosMerle Travis 1:38
D-8. Just a little talk with JesusBluegrass Cardinals 2:07