Hats off! A tribute to Flatt & Scruggs

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 9043
Release Date:1997-08-05
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0000010VA

Song Information:

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1. I'm going back to old KentuckyThe Osborne Brothers 2:22
Recording Date:1978
Place:Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Ray Edenton-g; Benny Birchfield-high string g; Sonny Osborne-bj; Bobby Osborne-m; Kenny Baker-f; Blaine Sprouse-f; Bob Moore-sb; Robby Osborne-d
2. It's mighty dark to travelMac Wiseman 2:41
3. Cabin in CarolineThe Osborne Brothers 2:42
4. Foggy Mountain breakdownJoe Maphis 2:11
5. Take me in the lifeboatCarl Story 2:29
6. Farewell bluesJim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys 3:17
7. Salty dog bluesMac Wiseman 2:20
8. Earl's breakdownJosh Graves 2:06
9. Tis sweet to be rememberedThe Osborne Brothers & Mac Wiseman 2:46
Recording Date:1979-02-01
Place:Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Mac Wiseman-rg; Sonny Osborne-bj; Bobby Osborne-m; Ray Edenton-rg; Jimmy Brock-bs; Robby Osborne-d; [Blaine Sprouse-f; Benny Birchfield-high strung g]
Vocals:M. Wiseman-V; B. Osborne-V; S. Osborne-V; B. Birchfield-V
10. If I should wander back tonightThe Pinnacle Boys 2:31
11. Cabin on the hillBilly Troy 2:27
12. Angel bandCarl Story 3:43
Recording Date:1976
Place:Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte, N.C.
Instruments:Carl Story-g; Mike McKellar-g; Mitchell Moser-bs; Larry Beasley-bj; Jeff Dalton-m; Clay Smith-bs; Arthur Smith-f; Red Rector-m; Ray Adkins-bs
13. Polka on the banjoBilly Troy & Mike 'Chickenhawk' Toppins 2:38
14. Lonesome road bluesMerle Travis & Joe Maphis 2:47
15. Cripple CreekThe Stoneman Family 2:16
16. ReubenThe Osborne Brothers 2:38
Recording Date:1976-07-21
Place:Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte, NC
Instruments:Sonny Osborne-bj; Bobby Osborne-m/f; Robby Osborne-bs; Dale Sledd-g; Clay Smith-rg; Dave Brakefield-d
17. Jimmie Brown, the newsboyMac Wiseman 2:02
18. Sally AnnKenny Baker & Bobby Osborne 2:05
Recording Date:1981
Place:Cumberland Sound Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Bobby Osborne-m; Robby Osborne-g; Wynn Osborne-bj; Kenny Baker-f; Jimmy D. Brock-bs
19. Ballad of Jed ClampettPam Gadd 2:37
20. The legend of the Johnson BoysThe Grandpa Jones Family 1:53
21. Footprints in the snowSmith Brothers Bluegrass Orchestra 2:25
22. Mama don't allowThe Stoneman Family 2:56
23. You are my flowerThe Osborne Brothers 3:06
Recording Date:1991
Composer:A. P. Carter
Place:Homeplace Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Bobby Osborne-m; Sonny Osborne-bj/g; Terry Eldredge-rg; Raymond Huffmeister-rg; Steve Thomas-f; Terry Smith-sb
24. Petticoat JunctionBilly Troy 3:03
25. Gentle on my mindBenny Martin 4:13