Around the world to Poor Valley

Bill Clifton

Label:Bear Family 16425 HK
Release Date:2001-06-13
BG Unlimited:2001-11
County Sales:#248
   Amazon ASIN: B00005LQFB

Song Information:

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A-1. Burglar man
A-2. Flower blooming in the wildwood
A-3. Bury me beneath the willow
A-4. Down where the river bends
A-5. Wake up Susan
A-6. Leaning on the everlasting arms
A-7. Railroading on the Great Divide
A-8. Take back the heart
A-9. Gathering flowers from the hillside
A-10. All the good times are past and gone
A-11. Pal of yesterday
A-12. Little white washed chimney
A-13. Lonely heart blues
A-14. Take back the heart
A-15. When you kneel at mother's grave
A-16. All the good times are past and gone
A-17. Gathering flowers from the hillside
A-18. Little white washed chimney
A-19. Railroading on the Great Divide
A-20. Take back the heart
A-21. Little white washed chimney
A-22. Pal of yesterday
A-23. Lonely heart blues
A-24. Mary dear
A-25. Dixie ramble
A-26. Livin' the right life
A-27. Cedar grove
A-28. Blue Ridge Mountain blues
B-1. You'll go to your church
B-2. Are you alone
B-3. Another broken heart
B-4. When you kneel at mother's grave
B-5. Corey
B-6. Dixie Mountain express
B-7. When autumn leaves begin to fall
B-8. Walking in my sleep
B-9. Dixie darling
B-10. Springhill disaster
B-11. The girl I left in sunny Tennessee
B-12. You don't think about me when I'm gone
B-13. I'll wander back someday
B-14. You don't think about me when I'm gone
B-15. Mail carrier's warning
B-16. Little darling pal of mine
B-17. Railroading on the Great Divide
B-18. Bed on the floor
B-19. Give my your love and I'll give you mine
B-20. Little Joe
B-21. March winds
B-22. No hiding place down here
B-23. Old cottage home
B-24. Green fields of Virginia
B-25. Give me the roses
B-26. In the land where we'll never grow old
B-27. Light in your soul
B-28. Mother will be waiting there
B-29. Are you lonesome tonight
B-30. Bring back my blue eyed boy to me
C-1. Stern old bachelor
C-2. I'll be all smiles tonight
C-3. My Clinch Mountain home
C-4. Cannonball blues
C-5. I'll be all smiles tonight
C-6. My Clinch Mountain home
C-7. March winds
C-8. Bring back my blue eyed boy to me
C-9. I'm rolling on
C-10. No hiding place down here
C-11. There's a star spangled banner
C-12. A white cross marks the grave
C-13. Spanish flandang
C-14. Jimmy will be slain
C-15. Drink your glasses dry
C-16. The battle of Quebec
C-17. This old cold war
C-18. The sinking of the Maine
C-19. I want to go home
C-20. The sailor on the deep blue sea
C-21. Faded coat of blue
C-22. Uniforms of grey
C-23. Tim
C-24. San Juan Hill
C-25. The maine's hymn
C-26. Uniforms of grey
C-27. Volunteers march
C-28. Standing outside
C-29. Columbus Stockade blues
D-1. Going back to Dixie
D-2. Mother still prays for you
D-3. Moonshiner
D-4. Just a smile
D-5. Lonely little cabin
D-6. Dream of the miner's child
D-7. Groundhog hunt
D-8. Engine 23
D-9. Jim Hatfield's son
D-10. Saturday night
D-11. Lonesome for you
D-12. Lazy courtship
D-13. Across the shining river
D-14. Roll the cotton down
D-15. Take me back
D-16. Lonesome field
D-17. Little green valley
D-18. When I lay my burdens down
D-19. At my window
D-20. Gonna lay down my old guitar
D-21. Where the willow gently sways
D-22. When I'm with you
D-23. My nights are lonely
D-24. Lamp in the window
D-25. Louis Collins
D-26. I'll be satisfied
D-27. Old Ruben
D-28. My Cindy girl
D-29. Dixie ramble (Bluegrass ramble)
E-1. Bringing Mary home
E-2. Big Bill
E-3. Beatle crazy
E-4. Little girl dressed in blue
E-5. Jug of punch
E-6. Keep that wheel a-turning
E-7. Baby lie easy
E-8. Green to gray
E-9. Mother where is your daughter tonight
E-10. Prisoner's dream
E-11. Sweet Fern
E-12. Forsaken love
E-13. Sales tax on the women
E-14. Peach pickin' time in Georgia
E-15. Hobo Bill's last ride
E-16. Intoxicated rat
E-17. Methodist pie
E-18. When they baptized Sister Lucy Lee
E-19. When the work's all done this fall
E-20. Mark's tune
E-21. Happy days
E-22. Two sweethearts
E-23. The storms are on the ocean
E-24. Sunny side of the mountain
E-25. Dust on the Bible
E-26. Ranger's command
E-27. Charles Guiteau
E-28. Chilly scenes of winter
E-29. Gathering up the shells from the sea shore
F-1. Blue eyed Elaine
F-2. Come by the hills
F-3. Fast express
F-4. Going down the valley
F-5. Going to Scotland
F-6. Honey I'm rambling away
F-7. I love you best
F-8. I've got my one way ticket
F-9. Little poplar log house on the hill
F-10. Mark's tune
F-11. There's a little pine log cabin
F-12. This world can't stand long
F-13. Pretty flowers
F-14. Happy days
F-15. I'll be true while you're gone
F-16. I wonder if you feel the way I do
F-17. Love and wealth
F-18. Plant some flowers by my graveside
F-19. Remember me
F-20. Shame on you
F-21. Silence or tears
F-22. We parted by the riverside
F-23. When the springtime comes again
F-24. Will there be any stars in my crown
F-25. Won't it be wonderful there
F-26. Walking in my sleepEcho Mountain Band
F-27. Sunny side of lifeEcho Mountain Band
F-28. Lonely heart bluesEcho Mountain Band
F-29. I saw the light
G-1. Are you from DixieBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-2. Ashdown waltzBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-3. Dixie cannonballBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-4. Down in my old cabin homeBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-5. Fourteen days in GeorgiaBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-6. It takes a long tall brown skin gal to makeBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-7. Keep that wheel a-turningBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-8. On the sea of GalileeBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-9. She has forgottenBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-10. Sugartree stompBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-11. Tall pinesBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-12. The old man's storyBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-13. There's no other love for meBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-14. The spirit of love watches meBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-15. Valley of peaceBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-16. You're my best friendBill Clifton & Red Rector
G-17. Blue dreams
G-18. Country is a feeling in your soul
G-19. From Jerusalem to Jericho
G-20. I need the prayers of those I love
G-21. Let me make you smile again
G-22. Maybe you will miss me when I'm gone
G-23. Night in June
G-24. Over the hill
G-25. Rainin' on the mountain
G-26. Six bells
G-27. When autumn leaves begin to fall
G-28. Will the angels have a sweetheart
G-29. Jumpin' old Rattler
H-1. Silver bell
H-2. Darling Nellie Gray
H-3. Plumtree cakewalk
H-4. Gray dawn
H-5. Liberty
H-6. This land is your land
H-7. Under the double eagle
H-8. Mist over Poor Valley
H-9. Celebration
H-10. Tea at half-five
H-11. Wildwood flower
H-12. Gathering up the shells from the sea-shore
H-13. Barefoot days
H-14. Beautiful
H-15. Where the rainbow finds its end
H-16. Mississippi Sawyer
H-17. Somebody's waiting for you
H-18. First ole restless wind
H-19. Kitty and I
H-20. My Blue Ridge Mountain home
H-21. Be on time
H-22. Come by my rainbow
H-23. Sunshine and rain
H-24. Winkin' at me
H-25. Southern moon
H-26. Silver dew on the bluegrass tonight
H-27. Waltzing with bears