Oh sister! The women's bluegrass collection

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Label:Rounder 11661 0499 2
Release Date:2001-10-30
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-01
County Sales:#249
   Discogs.com ID: 1964591
   Amazon ASIN: B00005QK59

Song Information:

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1. If wishes were horsesClaire Lynch 2:34
Composer:Gretchen Peters
Instruments:Jim Hurst-g; Michael McLain-bj; Larry Lynch-m; Rob Ickes-db; Missy Raines-sb
Vocals:Claire Lynch-L; Jim Hurst-V; Larry Lynch-V
2. Silver tongue and golden plated liesSuzanne Thomas 3:26
Composer:John D. Hutchison
Instruments:Suzanne Thomas-rg; Kenny Smith-lg; Sammy Shelor-bj; Don Rigsby-m; Mike Hartgrove-f; Ronnie Bowman-ebs
Vocals:Suzanne Thomas-L; Ronnie Bowman-LT; Don Rigsby-B
3. Sad situationDelia Bell 2:27
Composer:Clyde Pitts
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Richard Underwood-bj; David McLaughlin-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Roger Williams-db; Larry Robbins-sb
Vocals:Delia Bell-L; Bill Grant-H; Dudley Connell-H
4. True life bluesHazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard 2:38
Composer:Bill Monroe
Instruments:Alice Gerrard-g; Lamar Grier-bj; Mike Seeger-m; Tracy Schwarz-f; Hazel Dickens-sb
Vocals:Alice Gerrard-L; Hazel Dickens-T
5. Lonesome wind bluesRhonda Vincent 3:01
Composer:Wayne Raney
Instruments:Bryan Sutton-g; Marc Pruett-bj; Rhonda Vincent-m; Ron Stewart-f; Darrin Vincent-sb
Vocals:Rhonda Vincent-L; Darrin Vincent-H
6. Pardon meThe Cox Family 2:44
Composer:Jim & Jesse McReynolds
Instruments:Ron Block-g/bj; Adam Steffey-m; Rob Ickes-db; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Suzanne Cox-L; Sidney Cox-LT; Evelyn Cox-B
7. Old riverHazel Dickens, Carol Elizabeth Jones, Ginny Hawker 2:59
Composer:Hazel Dickens
Instruments:Pete Kennedy-g; Ron Stewart-m/f; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:Ginny Hawker-L; Hazel Dickens-T
8. You tried to ruin my nameWilma Lee Cooper 2:26
Instruments:Wilma Lee Cooper-g; Stan Brown-bj; Clarence "Tater" Tate-f; Gene Wooten-db; Terry Smith-sb
Vocals:Wilma Lee Cooper-L; Carol Lee Cooper-H; Terry Smith-H; Gene Wooten-H
9. I can't find your love anymoreHazel Dickens, Carol Elizabeth Jones, Ginny Hawker 2:36
Composer:Hazel Dickens
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Ron Stewart-bj/f; Barry Mitterhoff-m; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:Hazel Dickens-L; Carol Elizabeth Jones-H
10. Just like rainLaurie Lewis & Kathy Kallick 2:14
Composer:J. Reischman-K. Kallick
Instruments:Kathy Kallick-g; Tony Furtado-bj; John Reischman-m; Laurie Lewis-f/sb
Vocals:Kathy Kallick-L; Laurie Lewis-H
11. Mama's handThe Lynn Morris Band 4:12
Composer:Hazel Dickens
Instruments:Lynn Morris-rg; Tom Adams-bj; David McLaughlin-m; Stuart Duncan-f; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:Lynn Morris-L; Suzanne Cox-H
12. Every time you say goodbyeAlison Krauss 3:18
Composer:John Pennell
Instruments:Tim Stafford-g; Ron Block-bj; Adam Steffey-m; Alison Krauss-f; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Alison Krauss-L/B; Ron Block-LT
13. BlueThe Stevens Family 2:39
Composer:April & Beth Stevens
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Beth Stevens-bj; Wayne Benson-m; Glen Duncan-f; Rob Ickes-db; Ronnie Simpkins-sb
Vocals:Beth Stevens-L; April Stevens-H
14. Time is winding upGinny Hawker 4:17
Composer:Arr. Jones-Hawker
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Ron Stewart-f; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:Ginny Hawker-L; Carol Elizabeth Jones-T
15. Blow, big windLaurie Lewis 2:53
Composer:Laurie Lewis
Instruments:Mary Gibbons-rg; Craig Smith-bj; Tom Rozum-m; Laurie Lewis-f; Todd Phillips-sb
Vocals:Laurie Lewis-L; Tom Rozum-H; Mary Gibbons-H
16. Will there be any stars?Alison Krauss & the Cox Family 3:12
Composer:Eliza Hewitt-John Sweeney
Instruments:Ron Block-bj; Adam Steffey-m; Alison Krauss-f; Andrea Zonn-f; Rob Ickes-db; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Suzanne Cox-L; Willard Cox-LT; Alison Krauss-B
17. The last old shovelPhyllis Boyens 2:21
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Richard Underwood-bj; David McLaughlin-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Larry Robbins-sb
Vocals:Phyllis Boyens-L; Hazel Dickens-T
18. Comin' down from GodCarol Elizabeth Jones & James Leva 2:41
Composer:Lyn Davis-Molly O'Day
Instruments:Pete Kennedy-g; Lynn Morris-bj; Ron Stewart-f; Marshall Wilborn-sb
Vocals:Carol Elizabeth Jones-L; Hazel Dickens-T; Ginny Hawker-B
19. Eight more milesLaurie Lewis 3:02
Composer:Kieran Kane
Instruments:Claire Lynch-g; Lynn Morris-bj; Rhonda Vincent-m; Laurie Lewis-f; Missy Raines-sb
Vocals:Laurie Lewis-V; Lynn Morris-V; Claire Lynch-V; Rhonda Vincent-V