Sacred songs from Hay Holler

Various artists

Label:Hay Holler HHH-CD 204
Release Date:1995
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1995-12
   Amazon ASIN: B000BDG7VW

Song Information:

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1. I'll meet you in church Sunday morningThe Bluegrass Band 3:03
2. Down on the banks of JordanHazel River Band 2:59
3. You were sent down from HeavenThe Sand Mountain Boys 2:39
4. When the angels carry me homeKazuhiro Inaba 2:46
5. Keeper of the doorThe Gillis Brothers 2:53
6. He will set your fields on fireThe Bluegrass Band 2:40
7. Life beyond deathThe Gillis Brothers 2:40
8. Going up on the mountainThe Goins Brothers 2:14
9. Amazing graceJames Price 2:46
10. Lord lead me onThe Bluegrass Band 2:13
11. Salvation's final planThe Gillis Brothers 2:25
12. I'll find my way (to glory land)Hazel River Band 3:05
13. Somewhere on down life's roadThe Sand Mountain Boys 1:52
14. I stood on a mountainThe Gillis Brothers 3:14
15. I know the Lord (has laid His hands on me)Skeeter and the Skidmarks 1:39
16. Hide me rock of agesThe Bluegrass Band 4:35
17. Sunshine in the shadowsThe Gillis Brothers 2:29
18. Peace in the valleyWayne Henderson 3:13