More sacred songs from Hay Holler

Various artists

Label:Hay Holler HH-CD 1348
Release Date:2000
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2000-06
   Amazon ASIN: B000056BVW

Song Information:

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1. On chariots of fireThe Travelers 2:33
Composer:Norman Wright
Vocals:Kevin Church-L (lines 1-2 of verse)/BSC; Norman Wright-L (lines 3-4 of verse/TC; Jason Owen-LC; Doug Bartlett-HB
2. Little black train5 for the Gospel 3:47
Composer:Traditional; P.D.
Vocals:Gary Waugh-L (verse 1)/LC; Rick May-L (verse 2)/B; Bill Hamm-L (verse 3)/T; Pat Holbrook-L (verse 4)/BS
3. I'll meet you in the mornintgThe Bluegrass Band 2:03
Composer:Albert E. Brumley
Vocals:Dudley Connell-L; Larry Stephenson-T; David McLaughlin-B; Billy Lux-BS
4. Dark times of nightThe Goins Brothers 3:43
Composer:Ray Goins
Vocals:Ray Goins-L; John Keith-T
5. One more time (I must rise)The Gibson Brothers 2:54
Composer:Seth Sawyer
Vocals:Eric Gibson-L; Leigh Gibson-H
6. He said if you love Me (feed my sheep)Big Country Bluegrass 1:51
Composer:Luther G.
Vocals:Jeff Michael-L; Teresa Sells-T; Larry Pennington-B
7. What will the coming of the Lord mean to youThe Gillis Brothers 2:35
Vocals:John Gillis-L; Larry Gillis-T
8. When our Lord shall come againThe Lilly Brothers & Don Stover 3:26
Composer:Lew Shark
Vocals:Bea Lilly-L; Everett Lilly-T
9. Run, Satan, runThe Goins Brothers 3:20
Composer:Joyce Berry
Vocals:Ray Goins-LV/TC
10. Shake my mother's hand for meThe Bluegrass Band 2:19
Vocals:David McLaughlin-L; Dudley Connell-T
11. Show me the wayBig Country Bluegrass 2:58
Composer:Virginia Stauffer
Vocals:Jeff Michael-L; Teresa Sells-T; Larry Pennington-B
12. I'll live again5 for the Gospel 2:32
Composer:Rick May
Vocals:Rick May-LV.B/C; Bill Hamm-T
13. Hallelujah to the lambThe Piney Creek Weasels 3:02
Vocals:Hugh Hoeger-LV/TC; Rocky Rioux-B; Eric Anderson-BS
14. Dark road of sinThe Goins Brothers 2:18
Composer:Ray Goins
Vocals:Ray Goins-L; John Keith-T
15. Stormy watersThe Bluegrass Band 3:07
Vocals:Dudley Connell-LV/BC
16. He gave His lifeBig Country Bluegrass 2:25
Composer:Jeff Michael
Vocals:Jeff Michael-L; Teresa Sells-T; Larry Pennington-B
17. When God comes and gathers His jewelsThe Gibson Brothers 2:32
Vocals:Leigh Gibson-L; Eric Gibson-T
18. Climb up, ye little childrenThe Goins Brothers 3:14
Vocals:John Keith-LV/TC; John McNeely-LC
19. Forever in gloryLost Highway 1:50
Composer:Jeff Harvey
Vocals:Dick Brown-L; Eric Uglum-T; Ken Orrick-B; Marsha
20. River of deathThe Bluegrass Band 2:29
Composer:Bill Monroe
Vocals:David McLaughlin-L; Dudley Connell-B; Larry Stephenson-T; Billy Lux-BS
21. Heaven we'll call homeBig Country Bluegrass 2:30
Composer:Jeff Michael
Vocals:Jeff Michael-L; Teresa Sells-T; Larry Pennington-B
22. Lord, send down the fireThe Goins Brothers 2:06
Composer:Noble Cain
Vocals:John McNeely-L; John Keith-T; Ray Goins-B; James-BS
23. The promiseThe Gillis Brothers 3:19