Every time I feel the spirit : the best of Sugar Hill gospel. v.1

Various artists

Label:Sugar Hill SH-CD 9102
Release Date:1993-10-22
Country:United States
County Sales:#194
   Discogs.com ID: 12532287
   Amazon ASIN: B000000F6B

Song Information:

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1. On the sea of lifeDoyle Lawson & Quicksilver 2:07
Instruments:Doyle Lawson-m; Terry Baucom-bj; Jimmy Haley-g; Bobby Hicks-f; Lou Reid-bs
Vocals:T. Baucom-V; D. Lawson-V; L. Reid-V; J. Haley-V
2. The first step to HeavenThe Nashville Bluegrass Band 3:01
Instruments:Alan O'Bryant-bj; Pat Enright-g; Mike Compton-m
3. Won't you come and sing for meHot Rize 3:10
Instruments:Pete Wernick-bj; Tim O'Brien-m; Charles Sawtelle-g; Nick Forster-bs
Vocals:T. O'Brien-V; N. Forster-V; P. Wernick-V
4. The carpenter shopBluegrass Cardinals 3:14
Instruments:David Parmley-g; Dale Perry-lg/bs; Mike Hartgrove-f;
Vocals:Don Parmley-V; Larry Stephenson-V
5. Daniel prayedBoone Creek 2:15
Instruments:Wes Golding-g; Ricky Skaggs-m
Vocals:W. Golding-V; R. Skaggs-V; Jerry Douglas-V; Terry Baucom-V
6. It's just like HeavenThe Country Gentlemen 2:03
Recording Date:1979
Place:Track Recorders, Silver Spring, MD
Instruments:(A cappella)
Vocals:C. Waller-L; D. Lawson-T; J. Bailey-B; B. Yates-BS
7. Fill my way with loveDoc & Merle Watson 2:32
Instruments:Doc Watson-g; Merle Watson-g; Sam Bush-m; Bela Fleck-bj; Mark O'Connor-f; T. Michael Coleman-bs
Vocals:Doc Watson-L; Alan O'Bryant-H
8. Down in the valley to prayTim O'Brien 3:04
Vocals:Tim O'Brien-V
9. You don't knockNew Grass Revival 2:36
Instruments:Pat Flynn-g; Sam Bush-m
Vocals:Sam Bush-V; Bela Fleck-V; John Cowan-V; Pat Flynn-V
10. Talk about suffering here belowRicky Skaggs & Tony Rice 2:09
Instruments:(A cappella)
Vocals:Ricky Skaggs-V; Tony Rice-V
11. Keep your lamp trimmed and burningHot Rize 2:47
Instruments:Pete Wernick-bj; Tim O'Brien-m; Charles Sawtelle-g; Nick Forster-bs
Vocals:T. O'Brien-V; N. Forster-V; P. Wernick-V; C. Sawtelle-V
12. A house of goldThe Whites 3:30
Instruments:Buck White-m/p; B. Spears-bs; Jerry Kroon-d; Jack Hicks-sg/g/h
Vocals:B. White-V; Cheryl White-V; Sharon White-V
13. Open up the window, NoahThe Seldom Scene 2:27
Instruments:Ben Eldridge-bj; Tom Gray-sb; Phil Rosenthal-g; John Duffey-m; Mike Auldridge-db; Jimmy Arnold-f; Robbie McGruder-d
Vocals:P. Rosenthal-V; T. Gray-V; J. Duffey-V
14. Heaven's joy awaitsDoyle Lawson & Quicksilver 2:15
Instruments:(A cappella)
Vocals:Russell Moore-V; Doyle Lawson-V; Ray Deaton-V; Scott Vertal-V