Nickels & dimes

The Sand Mountain Boys

Label:Atteiram API 1675
Release Date:1992
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1993-05
County Sales:#192
   Amazon ASIN: B00AHI4PQA

Song Information:

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1. Dixie Express2:23
2. Nickles and dimes3:17
3. Dark is the night3:35
4. Highway to Heaven2:47
5. You can feel it in your soul2:39
6. Memphis train2:25
7. Sand Mountain breakdown2:11
8. Roses and dew3:03
9. Sing on the mountain3:17
10. That happy night3:30
11. When the wagon was new2:19
12. It won't be long2:41
13. Love sick and lonesome2:15
14. World all your own2:10