Bluegrass oldies but goodies

Various artists

Label:Cumberland (Mercury) SRC 69520
Release Date:1965-05
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Pinball machineLonnie Irving 3:36
A-2. Down among the budded rosesJim Eanes 3:01
Recording Date:1951-10
Composer:Jim Eanes
Place:Radio Station WPAQ, Mt. Airy, NC
Instruments:Jim Eanes-rg; Hubert Davis-bj; Roy Russell-f; Neely Gilfillian-g; Pee Wee Davis-f; Benny Jarrell-sb
Vocals:J. Eanes-L
A-3. Midnight specialJim Glaser 2:21
A-4. Maple on the hillThe Stanley Brothers 2:42
Recording Date:1959-03
Place:Radio Station WNER, Live Oak, FL
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Bill Napier-m; Chubby Anthony-f; Al Elliot-sb
Vocals:C. Stanley-L; R. Stanley-T
A-5. I didn't hear nobody prayCarl Story 2:09
B-1. Darling CoreyBill Clifton 2:24
B-2. Mountain dewStringbean 1:51
B-3. Take this hammerHylo Brown 2:42
B-4. Blue moon of KentuckyThe Lonesome Pine Fiddlers 1:56
B-5. Thinking tonightRed Allen 2:36