United States Government Manual

First Edition

(Revisions through March 10)

Division of Public Inquiries
Office of War Information


NOTE: The Table of Contents has been significantly enhanced here to include major subdivisions of the various Branches and Departments. Otherwise, the text of the Manual is a faithful reproduction of the original. [HyperWar]

NOTE: Many of the Department and Agency headings, as well as tables of regional and local offices, include address and telephone information in the format current in 1945. In this era before ZIP codes existed, local postal codes were used in a similar fashion, although sorting took place at the local post offices; eg:
Washington 25, DC vs Washington DC 20325

Telephones were few enough that the numbers were often less than 7 digits, and exchanges (the first two digits) were associated with mnemonic words; eg:

REpublic 7500 = 73-7500
"extensions" are referred to as "Branches":
REpublic 7500, Branch 2405 = 73-7500, ext. 2405

-- [HyperWar]

Constitution of the United States 1
Legislative Branch 17
  Architect of the Capitol 34
  United States Botanic Garden 35
  Government Printing Office 37
  Library of Congress 41
Judicial Branch 45
Executive Branch 53
  Emergency War Agencies 60
    Office for Emergency Management 60
      Committee on Fair Employment Practice 60
      Foreign Economic Administration 62
        Export-Import Bank of Washington 63
        Petroleum Reserves Corporation 63
        Rubber Development Corporation 64
        U.S. Commercial Company 64
    National War Labor Board 68
    Office of Alien Property Custodian 70
    Office of Civilian Defense 72
    Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs 76
    Office of Defense Transportation 80
    Office of Economic Stabilization 84
    Office of Scientific Research and Development 85
    National Defense Research Committee 86
      Committee on Medical Research 86
      Office of Field Service 86
    Office of War Information 88
    War Manpower Commission 95
      Bureau of Manpower Utilization 96
      Bureau of Placement 96
      Bureau of Training 96
      Management-Labor Policy Committee 96
      Women's Advisory Committee 97
    War Production Board 102
    Smaller War Plants Corporation
    War Shipping Administration 116
    Board of War Communications 120
    National Housing Agency 122
      Federal Home Loan Bank Administration 122
      Federal Housing Administration 123
      Federal Public Housing Authority 123
    Office of Censorship 135
    Office of Price Administration 136
    Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion 144
      Office of Contract Settlement 147
      Surplus Property Board 148
      Retraining and Reemployment Administration 148
    Petroleum Administration for War 149
    President's War Relief Control Board 152
    Selective Service System 153
    War Contracts Price Adjustment Board 160
    Joint Chiefs of Staff 161
    Joint War Production Committee-United States and Canada 162
    Material Coordinating Committee--United States and Canada 164
    Permanent Joint Board on Defense--United States and Canada 165
    Combined Chief of Staff--United States and Great Britain 165
    Combined Food Board--United States, United Kingdom, and Canada 166
    Combined Production and Resources Board--United States, United Kingdom, and Canada 167
    Combined Raw Material Board--United States and United Kingdom 168
    Combined Shipping Adjustment Board--United States and Great Britain 170
    Munitions Assignments Board--United States and Great Britain 172
    Filipino Rehabilitation Commission 173
    Joint Brazil-United States Defense Commission 173
    Joint Mexican-United States Defense Commission 174
    Inter-American Defense Board 175
    Pacific War Council 176
    American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas 177
    United Nations Interim Commission on Food and Agriculture 178
    United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration 180
    United National Information Organization 183
  Department of State 185
    International Organizations of Which the United States Is a Member or in the Work of Which It Participates 204
    Committee for Reciprocity Information 205
    Executive Committee on Economic Foreign Policy 207
    Interdepartmental Committee on Cultural and Scientific Cooperation 208
    American Mexican Claims Commission 209
    Anglo-American Caribbean Commission 210
    International Boundary Commission--United States, Alaska, and Canada 211
    International Boundary Commission--United States and Mexico 211
    International Fisheries Commission--United States and Canada 214
    International Joint Commission--United States and Canada/a> 215
    International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission 216
  Department of the Treasury 217
      Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency 220
      Bureau of Customs 221
      Bureau of Engraving and Printing 224
      Bureau of Internal Revenue [IRS] 224
      Bureau of the Mint 226
      Bureau of Narcotics 226
      War Finance Division 239
      U.S. Secret Service 243
    Interdepartmental War Savings Bond Committee 245
  War Department 248
  Department of Justice 264
      Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 271
      Bureau of Prisons 272
      Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) 273
  Post Office Department 276
  Department of the Navy 288
  Department of the Interior 323
      Bureau of Reclamation 326
      Geological Survey 327
      Bureau of Mines 328
      Office of Indian Affairs 331
      National Park Service 331
      Fish and Wildlife Service 332
      Solid Fuels Administration for War 336
      U.S. Board on Geographical Names 341
      Bonneville Power Administration 342
      Southwestern Power Administration 342
      War Relocation Authority 353
    Related Organizations 345
      Migratory Bird Conservation Commission 345
      National Park Trust Fund Board 346
      National Power Policy Committee 347
  Department of Agriculture 348
      Agricultural Research Administration 350
      Farm Credit Administration 358
      Forest Service 365
      Rural Electrification Administration 367
    War Food Administration 368
  Department of Commerce 385
      Bureau of the Census 391
      Coast and Geodetic Survey 393
      Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce 395
      Inland Waterways Corporation 398
      National Bureau of Standards 399
      Patent Office 402
      Weather Bureau 404
      Civil Aeronautics Authority 406
  Department of Labor 412
      Bureau of Labor Statistics 413
      Division of Labor Standards 413
      United States Conciliation Service 413
      Wage and Hour Division 414
      Public Contracts Division 414
      Women's Bureau 417
      Children's Bureau 417
Independent Executive Agencies 420
  Federal Loan Agency 420
    Reconstruction Finance Corporation 420
      Defense Plant Corporation 428
      Rubber Reserve Company 429
      Metals Reserve Company 430
      Defense Supplies Corporation 431
      War Damage Corporation 432
      Disaster Loan Corporation 433
      Federal National Mortgage Association 434
      The RFC Mortgage Company 436
  Federal Security Agency 438
    United States Office of Education 440
    Columbia Institution for the Deaf 444
    Howard University 444
    Public Health Service 445
    Saint Elizabeths Hospital 449
    Social Security Board 449
    Committee on Economic Security 459
    Food and Drug Administration 459
    Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 460
  Federal Works Agency 462
    Public Buildings Administration 463
    Public Roads Administration 464
    Federal Fire Council 466
    Federal Real Estate Board 467
    Bureau of Community Facilities 468
  American Battle Monuments Commission 470
  Commission of Fine Arts 472
  District of Columbia 472
  Federal Board of Hospitalization 475
  Federal Communications Commission 476
  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 481
  Federal Power Commission 485
  Federal Reserve System 496
  Federal Trade Commission 503
  General Accounting Office 510
  Interstate Commerce Commission 512
  National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 521
  National Archives 523
    National Archives Council 526
    National Historical Publications Commission 527
    Franklin D. Roosevelt Library 527
  National Capital Housing Authority 528
  National Capital Park and Planning Commission 529
  National Labor Relations Board 532
  National Mediation Board 535
  Railroad Retirement Board 537
  Securities and Exchange Commission 543
  Smithsonian Institution 549
  Tennessee Valley Authority 554
  The Tax Court of the United States 558
  United States Civil Service Commission 559
    Council of Personnel Administration 567
  United States Employees' Compensation Commission 568
  United States Maritime Commission 573
  United States Tariff Commission 578
  Veterans Administration 582
Quasi-Official Agencies 599
  National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council 599
  Pan American Union 600
  The American National Red Cross 602
Appendix A: Abolished and Transferred Agencies and Functions 609
Appendix B: Representative Publications of Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government 642
Index 664
List of Names 693

We covenant with each other before all the world, that having taken up arms in the defense of liberty, we will not lay them down before liberty is once again secure in the world we live in. For that security we pray; for that security we act--now and evermore.

Bill of Rights Day Speech,
December 15, 1941


The United States Government Manual, the official handbook of the Federal Government, is published by the Division of Public Inquiries of the Special Services Bureau of the Office of War Information. The Manual contains sections dealing with every agency of the Government in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Each of these sections is an official statement covering the organization and functions of an agency and has been approved by the department or agency concerned.

The Division of Public Inquiries, which formerly operated as the United States Information Service, has for more than a decade provided a central information service for the Federal Government available to all agencies of the Government and to the general public.

Inquiries concerning Government functions, organization, and personnel or general matters may be directed to the Information Center at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington 25, D.C. (REpublic 7500, branch 2301). Questions will be answered directly or referred to specialists in other agencies who can supply the needed information.

Any agency of the Government which receives inquiries not falling with its jurisdiction, whether received by mail, telephone, or in person, may refer such questions to the Division of Public Inquiries for reply or appropriate referral.

Transcribed and formatted for HTML by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation