President Roosevelt to the Secretary of State

[WASHINGTON,] May 6, 1933.

I talked this afternoon with Dr. Schacht12a for one half hour and made it perfectly clear that the United States will insist that Germany remain in status quo in armament and that we would support every possible effort to have the offensive armament of every other nation brought down to the German level. We discussed only land armament and not naval. I intimated as strongly as possible that we regard Germany as the only possible obstacle to a Disarmament Treaty and that I hoped Dr. Schacht would give this point of view to Hitler as quickly as possible.

You might consider whether it is worthwhile bringing this to the attention of Davis.12b



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12a. Hjalmer Schacht, President of the Rechsbank.

12b. Norman H. Davis, Chariman of the United States Delegation, General Disarmament Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

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