Battle of the Atlantic:
U-Boat Operations
national security agency
central security service

Table of Contents

Chapter   Page
  Part A
U-Boat Offensive Against Convoys
December 1942-May 1943
I The Opening of the Convoy Battle 3
II Transition: January-February 1943 13
III Crisis of the North Atlantic Offices, March 1943 27
IV Defeat in the North Atlantic 47
  Part B
U-Boat Defensive and U.S. Anti-submarine Activities
May 1943-May 1944
V The Shift to the Middle and South Atlantic 71
VI Growth, Significance and Decline of the U-Boat Refueling Fleet 81
VII U.S. Anti-Submarine CVE Task Groups and the Critical Refueling Rendezvous' of June, July and August 97
VIII Independent Patrols in Distant Areas, Summer 1943 117
  Part C
Resumption of Offensive Against Major Convoys
September 1943-March 1944
IX U-Boats' Defeat Made Emphatic 125
X Last Challenge of the Pre-schnorchel U-Boats 131
  Part D
From the Invasion of France to the End of the War
XI The U-Boats and the Allied Invasion of France 141
XII New Challenge 159
  Part E
Blockade Runners: Surface and Submarines
German Naval Operations in the Far East and Indian Ocean
XIII Surface Blockade Runners, Winter of 1942-43 and 1943-44 181
XIV U-Boat Operations in the Indian Ocean and the Far East 213

Transcribed and formatted by Chuck Roberts for the HyperWar Foundation