Mirror Version of the Naval History and Heritage Command's

Online Library of Selected Images

This is a "mirror" version of the photographic portion of the official website of the U.S. Navy's Naval History and Heritage Command (previously known as the Naval Historical Center). It is provided as a part of HyperWar's efforts to ensure reliable public access to American historical documentation and related materials.

Although it duplicates the entire content of the Naval Historical and Heritage Command's "Online Library of Selected Images", this mirror website is maintained entirely with private means. It has no official association with the U.S. Navy or any other component of the United States Government.

To differentiate it from the "official" website, certain minor informational and decorative elements have been added or changed. In addition, a small number of hyperlinks contained in our copies of "Online Library" presentation pages may not work properly.

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    Posted on the HyperWar website only 28 January 2009