Biennial Reports
of the Chief of Staff of the
United States Army
to the Secretary of War
1 July 1939-30 June 1945

Table of Contents

NOTE: This presentation of the Biennial Reports is transcribed from the Center of Military History publication of 1996 [CMH Pub 70-57], which combines the original 3 reports. The Table of Contents has been reworked, and the text, maps, and charts have been renumbered consecutively to eliminate duplication or confusion. Within the text, obvious typographical errors have been corrected, but the punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and usage are those found in the original editions.
Since this edition will be used where citations in the HTML versions of the various official histories that make up the HyperWar site reference the Biennial Reports, I have attempted to reconstruct the original page numbering here, and in the individual reports, along with the CMH consecutive page numbers. However, lacking copies of the originals, this is a "best effort" reconstruction. -- HyperWar ed.

July 1, 1939, to June 30, 1941
The First Phase
  State of the Armed Forces, July 1, 1939
  The President's Emergency Proclamation, September 8, 1939
The Second Phase
  The President's Messages of May 16 and May 31, 1940
  Progress During the Winter of 1940-41
  Special Problems Incident to the Expansion
  Reorganization of Command and Staff
  State of the Armed Forces July 1, 1941
  Recommendations for the Elimination of Certain Legal Limitations and Restrictions
  General Comments
Armored Force
  Regular Army
  Regular Army Reserve
  Enlisted Reserve
  Selective Service
Construction and Housing
Armament and Equipage
National Guard
Organized Reserves
United States Military Academy
Reserve Officers' Training Corps
Citizens Military Training Camps
Civilian Conservation Corps
July 1, 1941, to June 30, 1943
The Third Phase
  Extension of Service
  Development of the Army
  Reinforcements for Overseas Garrisons
  Time Factor
  Changing Situation
The Fourth Phase
  War Is Declared
  Strategy and Control
  Global War
  Struggle for the Philippines
  Coral Sea--High Tide of Aggression
The Fifth Phase
  The Solomons
  European Theater
             United States Troops Move to United Kingdom
             Aerial Assault on Fortress of Europe
  North African Theater
             The Landings
             Diplomatic negotiations
             Race for Tunisia
             Fall of Tunisia
             Enemy Air Power Shattered
  Middle East
  Asiatic Theater
  Operations in Alaska
  Air Forces
July 1, 1943, to June 30, 1945
Victory in Europe
  The Strategic Concept
  The Fall of Italy
             On to the Boot
             Allied Air Established in Europe
             The Slugging Battle for Rome
             Pursuit to the North
             The Final Phases
  Operation OVERLORD
             The Preparations
             Victory in the Air
             The Assault
             The Breakout
             Continental Envolopment
             The Liberation of France
             The Westwall
             The Wehrmacht's Last Blow
             Closing the Rhine
             The Watch That Failed
             The Knockout
Victory Over Japan
  The Road to China
             Operation C
             Fall of Burma
             Reverse in China
  Unremitting Pressure
             Pacific Pincers
             Reconquest of the Philippines
             Battle of the Visayas
             Battle of Luzon
             The Net Closes
             Final Victory
Our Weapons
The Troops
  Manpower Balance
  Price of Victory
  Beyond the Call of Duty
  Information and Recreation
  Army Management
For the Common Defense
1. Enlisted Personnel of the Active Army, July 1, 1939
2. Enlisted Personnel of the Active Army, Juanry 31, 1940--227,000
3. Enlisted Personnel of the Active Army, August 15, 1940--280,000
4. Enlisted Personnel of the Active Army, June 30, 1941--1,418,097
5. Tactical Organization of the United States Army
6. Approved Reception Centers
7. Replacement Training Centers
8. Officers' Candidate Schools
9. Induction of National Guard into Federal Service
10. Deployment of American Troops with Arrival Date of First Contingent
11. Expansion of the Army, 1941-43
12. Tactical Organization Within the United States
13. Time and Space Chart--Air and Water Logistics
14. Comparison of U.S. and Enemy Plane Losses in Southwest Pacific and North African Theaters
15. Prisoner of War Camps
16. Officer Strength, United States Army
17. Organization of the Army
18. Organization of the Army Service Forces
19. Activation of Army Service Force Units
20. Organization of the Army Ground Forces
21. Organization of the Army Air Forces
22. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, Training Centers and Schools
23. Authorized Capacity, Officer Candidate Schools
24. Major War Construction-Corps of Engineers
25. U.S. Army Battle Casualties, 7 December 1941 Through 30 June 1943
26. Replacement Training Centers
27. Building an Infantry Division
28. Training a Combat Group (Heavy Bombardment)
1. Solomon Islands Area
2. New Guinea-Bismarck Area
3. French Northwest Africa
4. Battle of Tunisia, January 12-April 23, 1943
5. Final Breakthrough Tunis and Bizerte
6. Southeast Asia
7. Victory in Europe
8. Fortress of Europe
9. Operation HUSKY
10. Operation AVALANCHE
11. From Cassino to the Arno
12. Final Offensive in Italy
13. Operation OVERLORD
14. The Normandy Beaches
15. Breakout
16. Operation ANVIL
17. Battle of France
18. Path of the Red Army
19. Ardennes Counteroffensive
20. Closing the Rhine
21. Battle of Germany
22. Victory over Japan
23. Burma Campaign
24. Japanese Operations Against U.S. Airfields
25. The Great Ocean
26. Southwest Attack
27. Central Pacific Advance
28. Battle of Leyte
29. Theaters of Operations
30. Battle of Luzon
31. Philippine Liberation
32. Okinawa
33. Planned Assault on Japan
34. The Arena of Victory
35. Zones of Occupation in Germany and Austria

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