Appendix B
Recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross

All pertinent Array records have been scrutinized in an effort to include in the following list the name of every soldier who received the DSC for his part in the operations recounted in this volume. Inasmuch as no complete listing of DSC awards is maintained in any single Army file, it is possible that some names may inadvertently have been omitted. (P) indicates a posthumous award; * indicates that the Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster was awarded to a DSC previously ordered; # indicates that both the DSC and the Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster were awarded to the individual for separate actions during the operations narrated in this volume.

1st Lt. David W. Allard
Capt. James D. Allgood
Capt. Benjamin W. Anderson (P)
T/Sgt. Joe M. Barnett
S/Sgt. Wardie Barnett
Lt. Col. Jacob W. Bealke, Jr.
Pvt. Anthony J. Blazus, Jr.
Pvt. Bennie F. Boatright (P)
S/Sgt. Thomas R. Brazil
Pfc. Buster E. Brown
1st Sgt. Virgil L. Brown (P)
Cpl. Richard S. Butterfield
Pfc. Clifford W. Buzzard
Capt. Delmont K. Byrn
Pfc. George J. Caldwell
Pfc. Alfred A. Cannon
T/Sgt. Lawrence Cappeletti
Capt. Thomas F. Carothers
T/Sgt. Wilson R. Carr
Capt. Phillip H. Carroll
S/Sgt. Ignacio H. Castro
Sgt. Wilbur Caton
S/Sgt. James J. Cermak
Capt. Graham V. Chamblee
Col. Bruce C. Clarke
Lt. Col. Christian H. Clarke, Jr.
S/Sgt. Gayln Clay
Capt. Richard T. Clemens
Capt. Cameron A. Clough
Sgt. Peter A. Cocossa (P)
Lt. Col. Wilson D. Coleman (P)
Maj. William K. C. Collonan (Missing)
T/Sgt. Irvin F. Conley (P)
Sgt. Harold B. Cordes
Pfc. Roy V. Craft (P)
Pfc. Clifford L. Curry
Brig. Gen. Holmes E. Dager
1st Lt. Anthony V. Danna
Sgt. Samuel C. Davis (P)
Capt. Mario T. De Felice
Pfc. William A. Delmont (P)
Lt. Col. Leander L. Doan
Pvt. William J. Draper
2d Lt. James I. Durden (P)
1st Lt. Robert Edlin
Pvt. Leonard L. Eggleston
Pfc. Joseph A. Elwell (P)
Capt. Reynold C. Erichson
Pfc. Louis Ferrari (P)
Col. Harry A. Flint (P) *
Pfc. Milo J. Flynn
Pvt. Thomas T. Flynn
Cpl. Clarence E. Follis
1st Lt. Mario J. Fortuna
Lt. Col. Robert E. Frankland
S/Sgt. Carl J. Frantz
Lt. Col. Arthur H. Fuller
T/Sgt. Joseph P. Fuller
Pfc. James L. Geach
Capt. Harry L. Gentry
Pfc. Lawrence Georgeatos (P)
Capt. Jack S. Gerrie
Pfc. Walter C. Giebelstein
Col. Jesse L. Gibney
Pvt. Jack Gill (P)
Pfc. Joseph J. Giordano
Capt. Hamilton F, Glover (P)
Pfc. Earl G. Goins
Capt. Richard G. Gooley
2d Lt. Joseph Gorniak, Jr.
1st Lt. John R. Greene (P)
Col. Wilborn B. Griffith, Jr. (P)
S/Sgt. Konstanty Gugala
S/Sgt. Stanley P. Gull
S/Sgt. Lawrence W. Gunderson (P)
2d Lt. Earl O. Hall (P)


Lt. Col. William A. Hamberg
1st Lt. Harry F. Hansen
Pfc. Earl W. Harrington (P)
Brig. Gen. William K. Harrison, Jr.
2d Lt. Frank A. Heberstreit, Jr. (P)
Pfc. Ted Hefley
S/Sgt. Richard F. Heinzelman
2d Lt. Robert J. Henglein
1st Lt. William J. Henry
Lt. Col. Lindsay C. Herkness, Jr.
2d Lt. John F. Hermanspan, Jr. (P)
Lt. Col. William M. Hernandez (P)
Col. Chester J. Hirschfelder
Pvt. Eugene Hix (P)
T/5 Vincent J. Hughes
Capt. Howard H. Ingling
S/Sgt. George E. Jackson
1st Lt. George E. Jenkins
Pvt. Frank D. Joseph, Jr.
Capt. Arthur W. Kaiser (P)
Sgt. Robert F. Kee (P)
1st Lt. Robert J. Kemp
1st Lt. Ralph A. Kerley
Pfc. Frank Kielbasa (P)
Pvt. Thomas E. King (P)
2d Lt. Richard A. Kirsting (P)
S/Sgt. William B. Kolosky
2d Lt. Edward F. Koritzke (P)
T/3 Henry J. Kucharski
S/Sgt. Edward J. Land
S/Sgt. Martin J. Lavelle
Pfc. Amijan O. Lazar (P)
Lt. Col. Kelley B. Lemmon, Jr.
Capt. Edward R. Lienhart
2d Lt. Richard H. Lininger (P)
Lt. Col. Frederick H. Loomis
S/Sgt. Edward V. Maloney (P)
Lt. Col. Raymond B. Marlin
Capt. John W. Marsh (P)
Lt. Col. Paul W. McCollum (P)
Pfc. Charles P. McGuire (P)
Brig. Gen. Raymond S. McLain*
1st Lt. Alfred P. McPeters (P)
Cpl. Raymond H. Milanowski
1st Lt. Arthur J. Miller
1st Lt. Hubert G. Miller
Capt. William C. Miller
Capt. John S. Milligan, Jr. (P)
1st Lt. George R. Mitchell
1st Lt. Richard J. Monihan
1st Sgt. John R. Morton
1st Lt. James L. Mosby
Pvt. Arden Nystrom (P)
Cpl. Franklin D. Owen (P)
Pvt. Melvin V. Pardee (P)
S/Sgt. J. W. Parks
Cpl. Clarence Patton (P)
S/Sgt. Edward A. Patynski
T/Sgt. Lloyd N. Peterson
1st Lt. Vernon W. Pickett (P)
Capt. William F. Pieri (P)
S/Sgt. Joseph S. Pomber (P)
Maj. Leroy R. Pond#
S/Sgt. Lafayette G. Pool
Pfc. Henry N. Powell (P)
T/5 John G. Prentice (P)
Pvt. Peter Preslipsky
Pvt. Barney H. Prosser
1st Lt. William L. Pryor (PW)
Pfc. Joseph S. Przasnyski
Maj. Lloyd J. Ptak
1st Lt. Murray S. Pulver
Pfc. Mike S. Rabago (P)
Lt. Col. George B. Randolph (P)
1st Lt. Joseph C. Reaser
1st Lt. Delbert G. Reck
Cpl. Leonard V. Reppart
T/5 Frank F. Reyna
Pfc. Frederick S. Richardson
1st Lt. David S. Rinehart
Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose
Pfc. Hoyt T. Rowell
Pfc. Dominick J. Salvemini (P)
S/Sgt. George T. Scanlon
Maj. Robert H. Schulz
2d Lt. Harold B. Selleck
Pfc. Edward J. Sharkey (P)
Capt. Naubert O. Simard, Jr. (P)
Sgt. William T. Sipola (P)
2d Lt. Ewell L. Smith, Jr.
T/Sgt. Harold D. Snyder
1st Lt. William F. Squire (P)
Capt. George T. Stallings
Sgt. Edward L. Stannard (P)
Capt. Charles D. Stapleton (P)
T/Sgt. Fred D. Steelman (P)
T/Sgt. Harold V. Sterling
Pfc. Leo D. Stroup
S/Sgt. Walter R. Tauchert (P)
Pvt. Floyd Taylor
Pfc. William Thurston
T/Sgt. John Tokarchek
T/Sgt. Howard W. Trego


S/Sgt. Frederick W. Unger
Pfc. Richard Von Patten
Pfc. Theodore G. Wagner
1st Lt. George E. Wagoner
Brig. Gen. Nelson M. Walker (P)
Maj. Gen. Walton H. Walker
Pfc. Walter S. Wanielista (P)
2d Lt. Frank Warnock
2d Lt. Glenn H. Warren
Brig. Gen. William G. Weaver*
Pfc. Alfred B. Weiner (P)
Sgt. Harry Weiss (P)
Lt. Col. H. K. Wesson (P)
Maj. Arthur L. West, Jr.
S/Sgt. Clarence E. White
Pvt. William H. Whitson (P)
S/Sgt. Mark D. Wilcox
Capt. Leonard S. Wilds
Capt. Robert C. Wiley (P)
T/Sgt. Dupe A. Willingham (P)
T/Sgt. Milford W. Wilson (P)
Maj. Gen. John S. Wood
1st Lt. Ronal E. Woody, Jr.
Pfc. Leo Zingale


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