AAA Antiaircraft artillery
AAF Army Air Forces
AAR After action report
Abn Airborne
Actg Acting
Admin Administrative, administrator
AGp Army group
AM Amplitude modulated
Armd Armored
Asst Assistant
Bailey bridge Portable steel bridge of the "through" type. The roadway is supported by two main trusses composed of 10-foot sections called "panels" pinned together to form a continuous truss. Capacity may be increased by adding extra trusses alongside the first, by adding an extra truss on top of the first to make a second story, or by both means.
BAR Browning automatic rifle
Bazooka 2.36-inch rocket launcher
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
Bn Battalion
Burp gun German submachine gun
C-47 American transport plane
CCA Combat Command A
CCB Combat Command B
CCR Combat Command Reserve
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CG Commanding general
CO Commanding officer
Co Company
CofS Chief of Staff
Comdr Commander
Conf Conference
CP Command post
DD Duplex drive (tank)
D-day Day on which an operation commences or is to commence
Dept Department
Dir Directive, director
Div Division
Dragon's teeth Concrete pillars or iron posts erected as tank barriers
Dukw 2½-ton amphibious truck


"88" German 88-mm. high-velocity dual-purpose antiaircraft and antitank piece
Ersatzheer German Replacement Army
ETO European Theater of Operations
ExecO Executive officer
FA Field artillery
Feldheer German Field Army
Flak Antiaircraft
FM Frequency modulation
FO Field order
Fuesilier battalion Separate infantry battalion performing both reconnaissance and support in German division
FUSA First United States Army
FWD Forward headquarters
G-1 Personnel officer or section of divisional or higher staff
G-2 Intelligence officer or section
G-3 Operations officer or section
G-4 Supply officer or section
Grazing fire Fire which is approximately parallel to the ground and does not rise above the height of a man, standing
Half-track Combination wheeled and tracked armored personnel carrier
H-hour Exact time on D-day at which a specific operation commences
Hilfswillige Volunteer auxiliaries (non-German)
Hist History
Hp Horsepower
Hq Headquarters
Incl Inclosure
Inf Infantry
Info Information
Intell Intelligence
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JIC Joint Intelligence Committee
Jnl Journal
Jump-off Start of a planned ground attack
Kampfgruppe German task force
Kampfkommandant German combat commander
Kampfstaerke Combat effective strength
Landesschuetzen Home Guard battalion sometimes employed outside Germany
LCM Landing craft, medium
LCVP Landing craft, vehicle and personnel
Ltr Letter
Luftwaffe German Air Force
LVT Landing vehicle, tracked


M1 (Garand) American semiautomatic rifle
M4 (Sherman) American medium tank
M10 American tank destroyer with 3-inch gun
M26 (Pershing) American medium tank mounting a 90-mm. gun
M36 American tank destroyer mounting a high-velocity 110-mm. piece
Marching fire Firing by troops while erect and advancing
Mark IV German medium tank
Mark V (Panther) German medium tank with heavy armor and high-velocity gun
Mark VI (Tiger) German heavy tank
Min Minutes
Mm Millimeter
MS(S) Manuscript(s)
Msg Message
NAF Symbol for messages from the Combined Chiefs of Staff to the Commander in Chief, Allied Expeditionary Force
Nebelwerfer Multiple-barrel 150-mm. mortar or rocket launcher mounted on wheels and fired electrically
NUSA Ninth United States Army
OB NEDERLANDER Oberbefehlshaber Nederlander (Headquarters, Commander in Chief Netherlands)
OB NORDWEST Oberbefehlshaber Nordwest (Headquarters, Commander in Chief Northwest [northwest Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands])
OB SUED Oberbefehlshaber Sued (Headquarters, Commander in Chief South [southern Germany and several army groups on the Eastern Front])
OB WEST Oberbefehlshaber West (Headquarters, Commander in Chief West [France, Belgium, and the Netherlands])
OCMH Office, Chief of Military History
OKH Oberkommando des Heeres (Army High Command)
OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (High Command of the Armed Forces)
OPD Operations Division
Opn(s) Operation(s)
Opnl Operational
Panzerfaust One-shot, shaped-charge antitank weapon
Plunging fire Gunfire that strikes the earth's surface at a high angle
POZIT Proximity fuze
PX Post Exchange
RAMPS Recovered Allied Military Personnel
Ranger Soldier specially trained to make surprise attacks on enemy territory
Ret Retired


Rpt Report
S-2 Intelligence officer or section of regimental or lower staff
S-3 Operations officer or section
SACMED Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater
SCAF Designates cables from Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, to the Combined Chiefs of Staff
SCR Set complete radio
Seamule 38-foot tug powered by two 143-hp. engines
Sec Section
SGS Secretary, General Staff
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
Sitrep Situation report
S-mine German antipersonnel mine
SS Schutzstaffel (Elite Guard)
Storm boat Metal ponton propelled by 50-hp. outboard motor
Sub Subject
Sum Summary
SUSA Seventh United States Army
T26 See M26
TAC Tactical Air Command
Tagesstaerke Present for duty strength
TD Tank destroyer
Telecon Telephone conversation
T-forces Special forces designated to search for items of scientific value
TM Technical manual
TOT Time on target, a method of timing artillery fire from various points to fall on a given target simultaneously
Tree burst Explosion of shells against trees, designed to destroy troops underneath
TUSA Third United States Army
TWX Teletypewriter exchange
USA United States Army
USAF United States Air Force
USAREUR United States Army, Europe
USNR United States Naval Reserve
V-2 German supersonic rocket
Volksdeutsche "Racial Germans" from border areas of adjacent countries
Volks Grenadier Honorific accorded by Hitler to certain infantry divisions
Volkssturm A people's militia, partially organized in one of the last steps of German mobilization for total war
VT Variable time (fuze)
Waffen-SS Military arm of the Nazi party


Wehrkreis German Army administrative area, for the most part inside greater Germany
Wehrmacht German Armed Forces
WFSt Wehrmachtfuehrungsstab (Armed Forces Operations Staff)


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