Appendix B
Pacific Ocean Area Unit of Fire for Ground Weapons

(Rounds Per Unit of Fire)
Weapon: Total Rounds:
.30-caliber carbine 45
.30-caliber rifle 100
.30-caliber BAR 500
.30-caliber machine gun 1,500
.12-gauge shotgun 25
.45-caliber automatic revolver 14
.45-caliber submachine gun 200
.50-caliber machine gun 600
20-mm. antiaircraft machine gun 540
27-mm. antitank or tank gun 100
37-mm. antiaircraft gun 270
40-mm. antiaircraft gun 270
57-mm. antitank gun 90
60-mm. mortar 100
81-mm. mortar 100
4.2-inch chemical mortar 100
75-mm. howitzer field or pack 300
75-mm. self-propelled tank gun or LVT howitzer 150
75-mm. gun 100
3-inch self-propelled or antitank gun 50
90-mm. self-propelled or antitank gun 125
105-mm. M3 (short barrel) howitzer 150
105-mm. field howitzer 200
105-mm. self-propelled or tank gun howitzer 100
4.7-inch antiaircraft gun 75
155-mm. M1 howitzer 150
155-mm. M1 gun 100
8-inch howitzer 100
240-mm. howitzer 60
75-mm. gun 300
3-inch antiaircraft mobile 150
Hand grenade 1 per EM
Rifle antitank grenade launcher 2M9AT grenade
2.36-inch antitank rocket launcher (bazooka) 6 rockets

Source: TF 56 Rpt FORAGER, Incl E, G-4 Rpt, Incl A.


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