AB Crane ship.
AD Destroyer tender.
AE Ammunition ship.
AF Provision store ship.
AG Miscellaneous auxiliary.
AGC Combined operations communications headquarters ship.
AGP Motor torpedo boat tender.
AGS Surveying ship.
AH Hospital ship.
AK Cargo vessel
AKA Cargo vessel, attack.
AKN Net cargo ship.
AKS General stores issue ship.
AKV Aircraft supply ship.
AM Large minesweeper.
AMb Base minesweeper.
AMc Coastal minesweeper.
AN Net layer.
AO Oiler.
AOG Gasoline tanker.
AP Transport.
APA Transport, attack.
APc Coastal transport.
APD Troop transport (high speed).
APH Transport for wounded.
APL Hotel barge (barracks ship).
APM Mechanized artillery transport.
APS Auxiliary cargo submarine.
APV Aircraft transport.
AR Repair ship.
ABB Repair ship, battle damage.
ARD Floating drydock.
ARG Internal combustion engine tender.
ARH Heavy hull repair ship.
ARL Repair ship, landing craft.
ARS Salvage vessel.
ARV Aircraft engine overhaul and structural repair ship.
AS Submarine tender.
ASR Submarine rescue vessel.
AT Oceangoing tug.
ATR Rescue tug.
AV Seaplane tender (large).
AVC Catapult lighter.
AVD Seaplane tender (converted DD).
AVP Seaplane tender (small).
AW Water distilling and storage ship.
AY Auxiliary tender, small.
BB Battleship.


CA Heavy cruiser.
CAZ Auxiliary unallocated as to type (conversion).
CB Large cruiser.
CL Light cruiser.
CM Mine layer.
CMc Coastal mine layer.
CV Aircraft carrier.
CVE Large aircraft carrier.
CVE Aircraft carrier escort.
CVL Small aircraft carrier.
DD Destroyer.
DE Destroyer escort.
DM Light mine layer (high speed).
DMS Minesweeper (high speed).
IX Unclassified.
LCC Landing craft, control.
LCI(L) Landing craft, infantry (large).
LCM(2) 45' landing craft, mechanized, Mk. II.
LCM(3) 50' landing craft, mechanized, Mk, III.
LCM(6) 56' landing craft, mechanized, Mk. VI.
LCP(L) 36' landing craft, personnel, (large).
LCP(R) 36' landing craft, personnel, (with ramp).
LCP(N) Landing craft, personnel (nested).
LCR(L) Landing craft, rubber (large).
LCR(S) Landing craft, rubber (small).
LCS(S) Landing craft, support (small).
LCT(5) Landing craft, tank, Mk. V.
LCT(6) Landing craft, tank, Mk. VI.
LCV Landing craft, vehicle.
LCVP Landing craft, vehicle and personnel.
LSD Landing ship, dock.
LSM Landing ship, medium.
LST Landing ship, tank.
LVT(1) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(2) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(3) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(4) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(A1) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored).
LVT(A2) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored)
LVT(A3) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored)
PC 173' submarine chaser.
PCE 180' patrol craft escort vessel.
PCE(R) 180' patrol craft escort vessel, rescue.
PCS 136' submarine chaser.
PE Eagle boat.
PF Frigate.
PG Gunboat.


PGM Motor gunboat.
PR River gunboat.
PT Motor torpedo boat.
PY Yacht.
PYc Coastal Yacht.
SC 110' submarine chaser.
SS Submarine.
YA Ash lighter.
YAG District auxiliary, miscellaneous.
YC Open lighter.
YCF Car float.
YCK Open cargo lighter.
YCV Aircraft transportation lighter.
YDG Degaussing vessel.
YDT Diving tender.
YF Covered lighter; range tender; provision store lighter.
YFB Ferryboat and launch.
YFD Floating drydock.
YFT Torpedo transportation lighter.
YG Garbage lighter.
YHB Ambulance boat.
YHB Houseboat.
YHT Heating scow.
YMS Motor minesweeper.
YMT Motor tug.
YN Bet tender.
YNg Gate vessel.
YNT Net tender (tug class).
YO Fuel oil barge.
YOG Gasoline barge.
YOS Oil storage barge.
YP District patrol vessel.
YPK Pontoon stowage barge.
YR Floating workshop.
YRD(H) Floating workshop, drydock (hull).
YRD(M) Floating workshop, drydock (machinery).
YS Stevedore barge.
YSD Seaplane wrecking derrick.
YSP Salvage pontoon.
YSR Sludge removal barge.
YT Harbor tug.
YTT Torpedo testing barge.
YW Water barge.

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