15 June Invasion of Marianas commences.
First B-29 strikes from China bases against mainland of Japan.
Gen MacArthur reassumes complete control of Solomons west of Guadalcanal; Adm Halsey returns to sea with fleet command upon being relieved as ComSoPac by VAdm J. H. Newton. FEAF is formed under LtGen G. C. Kenney. AirNorsols is formed under MajGen R. J. Mitchell.
19-20 June Battle of the Philippine Sea. Japanese Navy decisively defeated.
30 July Westward drive reaches end of New Guinea at Sansapor point.
31 July Normandy breakout.
10 August Marianas seizure completed with conclusion of Tinian operation.
15 August Allies land in southern France.
15 September Invasion of Palaus and occupation of Morotai commences.
23 September Ulithi occupied as advance naval base.
17 October Landings on Dinagat and Suluan Islands in Leyte Gulf.
18 October Landing on Homonhon Island, Leyte Gulf.
20 October Main invasion of Leyte begins.
23-26 October Battle for Leyte Gulf.
27 October AAF takes over air support mission for Leyte from Navy carriers. First P-38's land at Tacloban Field.
3 December VMF(N)-541 (Marine night fighter squadron) and MAG-12 (VMF's 115, 211, 218 and 313) arrive at Tacloban.
7 December Major Marine air attack on Japanese convoy bringing reinforcements to Ormoc.
11 December Major Marine air attack on Japanese convoy, Ormoc Bay.
15 December Landings on Mindoro.
25 December Leyte declared secured; Eighth Army relieves Sixth Army.
2-12 January MAG-14 (VMO-251, VMF's 212, 222, and 223) lands at


  Guiuan, Samar.
9 January Landing on Luzon at Lingayen Gulf.
25 January First Marine dive bombers arrive on Luzon.
27 January Mission No. 1 flown by Marine dive bombers in the Philippines.
1-4 February 1st Cavalry Division makes drive to Manila; Marine dive bombers protect left flank.
16 February Assault on Corregidor.
19 February Marines assault Iwo Jima (secure 26 March).
24 February Manila falls.
28 February Invasion of Palawan, VICTOR III.
10 March Landing at Zamboanga, VICTOR IV. Ground echelons MAG's 12 and 32 participate.
15 March MAG-12 Corsairs begin to arrive at Zamboanga; Close Air Support of 41st Division initiated.
18 March Invasion of Panay, VICTOR I.
23 March MAG-32 dive bombers move from Luzon to Zamboanga.
26 March Invasion of Cebu, VICTOR II.
1 April Okinawa campaign opens with unopposed landings (secure 22 June).
2 April Landing on Sanga Sanga, Sulu Archipelago.
9 April Landing on Jolo.
17 April Landings on Mindanao, VICTOR V. Ground echelons MAG-24 participate.
20 April MAG-24 dive bombers on Luzon move to Malabang.
22 April MAG-24 commences air operations from Malabang.
1 May Australians invade Tarakan Island, Netherlands Indies (secure 19 May).
7 May German surrender.
3 June General Mitchell relieved of 1st MAW and AirNorSols commands.
7 June MAG-14 commences air movement from Samar to Okinawa.
12 July Marines support landings at Sarangani Bay.


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1. Entries relating specifically to the Philippines campaign are shown in italics.

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