Command and Staff
Marine Aviation Units1

1st Marine Aircraft Wing2

Commanding General MajGen Ralph J. Mitchell
MajGen Louis E. Woods (5 June-1 day)
Col Harold C. Major (from 6 June 1945)
BrigGen Lewie G. Merritt (from 10 June 1945)
MajGen Claude A. Larkin (from 11 August 1945)
Ass't Wing Commander BrigGen Claude A. Larkin
Chief of Staff Col Stanley E. Ridderhof
W-1 LtCol Carl L. Jolly
W-2 Capt William H. Powell
W-3 Col Frank H. Schwable
W-4 LtCol Otto E. Bartoe

Marine Aircraft Group 123

Commanding Officer Col William A. Willis
Col Verne J. McCaul (from 27 Feb 1945)
Executive Officer LtCol John L. Winston
S-1 Maj James C. Lewis
S-2 Capt John H. Pratt
S-3 LtCol Frederick F. Leek
S-4 Maj Samuel S. Logan

Marine Fighting Squadron 115, MAG-123

Commanding Officer Maj John H. King, Jr.
Maj John S. Payne (from 30 May 1945)
Executive Officer Maj Jacob A. O. Stub
S-3 Capt Rolfe F. Blanchard

Marine Fighting Squadron 211, MAG-123

Commanding Officer Maj Stan. J. Witomski
Maj Philip B. May (from 31 January 1945)
Maj Angus F. Davis (from 21 March 1945)
Executive Officer Capt Roger A. Haberman
S-3 Capt Louis W. Rancourt

Marine Fighting Squadron 218, MAG-123

Commanding Officer Maj R. T. Kingsbury, III
Maj John M. Massey (from 22 January 1945)
Executive Officer Capt Gordon E. Barto
S-3 Capt Oscar M. Bate, Jr.

Marine Fighting Squadron 313, MAG-123

Commanding Officer Maj Joe H. McGlothlin, Jr.
Executive Officer Maj Theodore Olsen
S-3 Capt Jay E. McDonald

Marine Night Fighting Squadron 541, MAG-11, 2d MAW3

Commanding Officer LtCol Peter D. Lambrecht
Executive Officer Maj Norman L. Mitchell
S-3 Capt Harlin Morrison, Jr.


Marine Aircraft Group 144

Commanding Officer Col Zebulon C. Hopkins
Col Ed. A. Montgomery (from 18 May 1945)
Executive Officer LtCol Carl W. Nelson
S-1 Capt Thomas E. Cowell, Jr.
S-2 Capt Charles C. Lee
S-3 LtCol Curtis E. Smith
S-4 Maj Donald S. Bush

Marine Fighting Squadron 212, MAG-144

Commanding Officer Maj Quinton R. Johns
Maj John P. McMahon (from 28 April 1945)
Executive Officer Capt John C. Roach
S-3 Capt Joseph T. Allard

Marine Fighting Squadron 222, MAG-144

Commanding Officer Maj Roy T. Spurlock
Maj Harold A. Harwood (from 28 April 1945)
Executive Officer Maj Gerald Geiger
S-3 Capt Clinton L. Goudreau

Marine Fighting Squadron 223, MAG-144

Commanding Officer Maj Robert F. Flaherty
Maj Robert W. Teller (from 25 March 1945)
Maj Howard E. King (from 17 April 1945)
Executive Officer Maj Robert W. Teller
S-3 Capt Warren J. Turner

Marine Fighting Squadron 251, MAG-144

Commanding Officer Maj William C. Humberd
Maj William L. Bacheler (from 10 Feb. 1945)
Maj Thomas W. Furlow (from 15 April 1945)
Executive Officer Maj William L. Bacheler
S-3 Capt Harold C. Wallace

Marine Aircraft Group 245

Commanding Officer Col Lyle H. Meyer
Col W. E. Sweetser, Jr. (from 1 June 1945)
Col Ed. A. Montgomery (from 10 August 1945)
Executive Officer LtCol John H. Earle, Jr.
S-1 2dLt Edward J. Gebhardt
S-2 Capt William H. Cohron
S-3 LtCol K. B. McCutcheon

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 133, MAG-245

Commanding Officer Maj Lee A. Christoffersen
Maj Floyd Cummings (from 9 March 1945)
Executive Officer Maj Floyd Cummings
S-3 Capt Ernest Zalay

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 241, MAG-245

Commanding Officer Maj B. B. Manchester, III
Maj Jack L. Brushert (from 20 Feb. 1945)
Executive Officer Maj Jack L. Brushert
S-3 Capt Horace C. Baum, Jr.

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 236, MAG-245

Commanding Officer Maj Fred J. Frazer
Executive Officer Capt Glen H. Schluckebier
S-3 Capt Lorenz H. Goehe

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 341, MAG-246

Commanding Officer Maj C. F. Irwin, Jr.
Maj Robert J. Bear (from 4 May 1945)
Executive Officer Maj Robert J. Bear
S-3 Capt John W. Canaan

Air Warning Squadron 3, MAG-246

Commanding Officer Capt Harold W. Swope
Capt Freeman R. Cass (from 2 July 1945)
Executive Officer Capt Ernest C. Dowell

Marine Aircraft Group 325

Commanding Officer Col Clayton C. Jerome
Col Stanley E. Ridderhof (from 4 July 1945)
Executive Officer LtCol John L. Smith
S-1 Capt Richard J. Lyttle
S-2 Capt James I. Best
S-3 LtCol Wallace T. Scott

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 142, MAG-325

Commanding Officer Maj Hoyle R. Burr
Maj James L. Fritsche (from 9 June 1945)
Executive Officer Capt Carl F. Eakin, Jr.
S-3 Capt Austin Wiggins, Jr.

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 243, MAG-325

Commanding Officer Maj Joseph W. Kean, Jr.
Executive Officer Maj James L. Fritsche
S-3 Capt Elton D. Boone, Jr.

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 244, MAG-325

Commanding Officer Maj Vance H. Hudgins
Executive Officer Maj John L. Dexter
S-3 Capt John L. Blumenstein

Marine Bombing Squadron 611, MAG-327

Commanding Officer LtCol George A. Sarles (KIA 30 May 1945)
Maj Robert R. Davis (from 31 May 1945)
Maj David Horne (from 20 June 1945)


Executive Officer Maj Robert R. Davis
S-3 Maj Prescott D. Fagan

Air Warning Squadron 4, MAG328

Commanding Officer Capt Charles T. Porter
Executive Officer Capt John M. von Almen


Marine Fighting Squadron 1219

Commanding Officer LtCol Wm. A. Millington
Executive Officer Maj William E. Crowe
S-3 Capt Alfred H. Agan

Marine Fighting Squadron 213

Commanding Officer (forward echelon) Maj David E. Marshall
Executive Officer Maj David E. Marshall
S-3 Maj Mitchell L. Parks


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1. Changes in commanding officers only are shown. Officers listed in other staff positions are those who originally arrived with the unit in the Philippines. Original entry date of each unit in the Philippines is indicated by footnote as unit is listed.

2. Command and staff as of 20Oct44.

3. Flight echelon arrived Leyte 3Dec44.

4. Arrived Samar 2-12Jan45.

5. Arrived Lingayen Gulf 9-27Jan45.

6. Landed Malabang, Mindanao, 17Apr45.

7. Flight echelon arrived Zamboanga, Mindanao, 30Mar45.

8. Landed Zamboanga, Mindanao, 10Mar45.

9. Carrier-based strikes on Luzon targets 6-7Jan45.

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