The Recapture of Guam

Major O.R. Lodge, USMC

Historical Branch, G-3 Division, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

COVER PICTURE: First assault waves of Marines take cover prior to moving inland on Guam. In the background smoke rises from a burning LVT hit by enemy fire.

AMERICAN COLORS are officially raised for the first time on Guam in front of III Amphibious Corps Headquarters on 27 July 1944.



Chapter Page
1. Background 1
    The Big Picture 1
    Guam and the Guamanians 3
    The Japanese Were Ready 9
2. Planning and Preparing 16
    Joint Planning 16
    Logistics 21
    Intelligence 23
    Tactical Planning 25
    Training and Rehearsal 26
    Naval Lift 28
    Re-evaluation of the Situation 31
    Attack Preparations 33
3. W-Day to Landing of the Reserve 37
    Asan-Adelup Beachhead 38
    The Southern Assault 47
    Landing of the 305th RCT 56
    Trouble on the Left Flank 57
    Mt. Alifan Captured 65
    Floating Reserve Wades Ashore 70
4. Drive to the FBL 74
    Japanese Bid for Victory 78
    Battle for Orote: Marine Barracks, Guam Recaptured 88
    Fonte Plateau: Securing the FBL 96
    Reconnaissance Patrols to the South 103
5. Other Parts of the Team 106
    Naval Gunfire Support 106
    Air Support 108
    Artillery in the Fight 109
    Engineer Operations 111
    Shore Party Activities 113
    War Dogs, Military Police, and Communicators 116
    Medical Evacuation 117
6. Into the Jungle 120
    Attack Preparations 121
    Agana and its Airfield 123
    "Water at Last"--Barrigada Village 129
    Fight for Finegayan 137
    77th's Prelude to Mt. Santa Rosa 145
    The Final Drive 148
7. The Finish in the Marianas 160
    Island Command Takes Over 160
    Mopping-up Activities 161
    Marianas Campaign Summary 165
I. Bibliography 171
II. Chronology 175
III. Casualties 178
IV. Command and Staff List of Major Units 181
V. United States Ships Participating in the Guam Operation 190
VI. Southern Troops and Landing Force Order of Battle for Guam 193
VII. Japanese Order of Battle on Guam 196
VIII. Navy Unit Commendations 198
Index 203

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